Assistive Technology Coaching for Kids & Parents

Don't let homework battles become routine.

  • Diminish homework anxiety
  • Decrease classwork shutdowns
  • Increase self-confidence with schoolwork

I am very excited to share that I've started coaching students how to use assistive tech to get school work done in the NYC area. 

This service is geared towards kids who have a hard time reading and writing. Students may have been described as having conditions such as:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Executive Functioning skill deficiencies
  • ADHD
  • High Functioning Autism

I am able to confidently offer this coaching service from having done tons of research and written articles on assistive technology, working with education experts, and from tutoring my own child who uses assistive tech to read and write. I welcome kids of most ages and frustration tolerance levels. 

I also provide at-home seminars for parents and their fellow parents buds whose children face similar struggles in writing and reading. I can provide venue, snacks, and wine!

It's okay with me if you haven't gotten an assistive tech evaluation. If anything, I will help you with that and connect you to others who can help. If you have done so, great! I will help get your child more acclimated and productive. I will also help determine how much help he may need that is more subject-related. 

My mission is to be a temporary coach to your child and you:
  • get acquainted with the tech (CoWriter, Snap and Read, etc...) 
  • choose which is best for him/her
  • practice with the tech
  • show parents how the tech works
  • learn when to use and when to skip the tech
  • learn about himself as he uses the tech
  • establish rules & practices to make sure afterschool homework/projects are done with less family battles

I have openings this summer - a perfect time to prep up for the school year with as little stress as possible.   Currently parent-only learning sessions and one-to-one coaching for kids is available. 

I can do free 30 min consultations via phone to help map out a plan.   

Jenn Choi
Mom, Writer, and Leveler of Playing Fields

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