Saturday, November 29, 2014

Real Deals For Real Toys: No Flat Friday Fluff Here

I love eeBoo.  Shoppers can use HAPPY9 to get free shipping. Fact: eeBoo's prices are best on their site and at neighborhood toy retailers.  I often find that Amazon overprices eeBoo products as eeBoo is very supportive of neighborhood toy stores. some recs: pattern paper, play papers, corrugated paper, Obstacles, Community, and Pattern Tiles. effective: Monday 12/8 to Monday 12/15.

WHAT: Here's a list of coupon codes for toys that I think are completely fabulous.  

All dates apply to 2014 unless otherwise noted.

I have been very very very disappointed in this year's BLACK FRIDAY sales.  I went to Toys R Us yesterday morning at 9 or 10 am and literally looked at each aisle 3 times to find a bargain.  It looks as if virtually every bargain advertised were the only bargains around.  What was really disappointing was how I saw the Draw Something game being sold for $3 when I bought it for $4 two weeks ago. WT_?

Here's a running list of items that you will love
I will try to be as accurate as possible with code expiration dates.
I am also mentioning if I am an affiliate here. I have been too busy to be enter new affiliate agreements so if please don't think that me not being an affiliate means anything.   

Gryphon Design Collective:
20% off: promocode: WINGS20
ending.. don't know when... sorry!

We have the Marine Rescue Center and we think it is fab. It is more story than building as you will see that building with magnets means it is not lockable but you do want fluidity when you want to create story.... change your mind... change clothing..... change plot... You know it!

CODE for 20% off:    BFF      over very very soon.  Don't delay.

 p.s. I'm not an affiliate here. I will be writing about this in one of my blogs soon!

ARK Therapeutic- especially love the Tran-Quill Pencil
20% off
 Now through Monday Dec 2, take 20% off every order over $20 with the code THANKYOU. 
I'm an affiliate here.   I love the Tran Quill Pencil.   They have it in BLACK now too!

 Kaleidograph Snowflake at RED HEN TOYS!!   Just out and made New York Times gift guide.   Woo-hoo!   Looking for deals here. This is my affiliate! It means that if you shop here (btw, I shop here) after going thru my link then I get a small commission.   Other loves at Red Hen Toys include:  eeBoo Pattern Tiles, Felt Mosaic, Design Tiles, Obstacles, Community.  I love eeBoo!!!  Also check out the book: Inventing Kindergarten. Mind-blowing.

KURIO Xtreme at Best Buy

at Best Buy for $99      Best deal out there for this.   Parental Control for dummies. seriously.  why stress?   Has a motion game (kid moves, pad stays still and watches kid move like swim), easily lock out certain website, still testing out their "genius filtering system"  So far, it is a pleaser. 

p.s.  I'm not a Best Buy affiliate.  Tell me if I should be.
sales until  Sunday, Dec. 1   Free accessories and Sphero is $99 and you'll get a free Chariot with cell phone slot and lego hardtop to make just about anything you want! Ollie comes with a free accessory with purchase too!
midnight ET on December 1,  save 30%, no code needed. free shipping!!!!!!!  I am not an affiliate but my testers totally love them.   Don't be surprised if they are all gone. BTW, here is my referral code.  Apparently they give this to all their customers to help spread the word.   I am supposed to get $5 back for each purchase referred by me.  Cool.   guess you can do that too!   Either way, I just bought two sets and save a ton of money.  Woo hoo!

Excellent shoelaces that you will never have to tie.

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools was not compensated by the manufacturers of anything mentioned here for the publication of this review.  The reviewed items were provided to Toys are Tools to facilitate a review.  Reviews are never promised

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Shop Black Friday at Toys R Us (My Way)

WHAT: My Toys R US Black Friday Shopping Picks
DOES: Hopes to Save You Time and Money and Point Out the Good Stuff
$ your time $$$$$$$$$$$

There is no such thing as Black Friday anymore. Sales swirl around us and keeps us glued to our devices and has us carrying fliers around and memorizing prices like we are auditioning for the Price is Right. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Toy Tip: Chris Rock and Kaleidograph- Holiday Meltdown Prevention

Chris Rock talks about the commercialization of Christmas (a.k.a Jesus' birthday)

An endless supply of Holiday Cheer for just $12.95

WHAT: Antidote to Holiday Frenzy = Chris Rock Monologue + Kaleidograph Snowflake
INVENTORS: Scott Bultman and Norman Brosterman
DOES: The Cure for Holiday Craziness

AGES: 5+
TOOLS: Express Yourself

Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Toy Review + Giveaway: Executive Function Toys of Mattel: Bounce-Off and Hot Wheels Air Brush Auto Designer

Bounce-Off! - Practice playing this crazy game with focus and delight- not easy.

It's reusable but you get only one car.  Plan ahead to make it great!

WHAT: Bounce-Off and Hot Wheels Air Brush Auto Designer
Regulating one's energy; Air Brush is good for planning and execution skills

$17.99 for Bounce-Off; $34.99 for Air Brush Auto Designer

AGES: Both ages 6+
TOOLS: Express Yourself, My Body Needs to Move
GIVEAWAY PRIZE:  Win both sets!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review/ Giveaway: Crayola Virtual Design Pro: Sharpen Your Creative Vision

What do you get when you take this:

 and some of this:

Ever imagine, you'd get this?

I always thought Smart Toys and Games pieces were beautiful.

and kids can make their own cars for a driving game too- just like this one!

Kinda messy but......

this car is good enough to drive.....

HOLIDAY GIFT TIP #1- It Starts NOW!!!!! WHAT: Crayola Virtual Design PRO (FASHION & CAR DESIGN) and Virtual Fashion Show     
DOES: Never have I seen virtual and digital design toys like this, ever!
$21.99 to $29.99

AGES: 6-8
GIVEAWAY PRIZE:  winner chooses fashion or design set $30 value. The set is inspiring and gorgeous.