Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Toy Tip: Chris Rock and Kaleidograph- Holiday Meltdown Prevention

Chris Rock talks about the commercialization of Christmas (a.k.a Jesus' birthday)

An endless supply of Holiday Cheer for just $12.95

WHAT: Antidote to Holiday Frenzy = Chris Rock Monologue + Kaleidograph Snowflake
INVENTORS: Scott Bultman and Norman Brosterman
DOES: The Cure for Holiday Craziness

AGES: 5+
TOOLS: Express Yourself

I was so excited to receive this in the mail this past Friday! It was around the same time that I was getting Black Friday headaches. So many ads had declared it was Black Friday NOW that I almost thought I slept through Thanksgiving.

I made these while waiting for my son's school bus.  It's much better than swiping around on your smartphone. Trust me!

True, Thanksgiving is at the very very end of this month but retailers spare no expense in declaring that their own Black Friday prices were starting NOW NOW NOW.

And I'm still trying to piece together holiday shopping guides for you! I have so many in the works at Quartz,, and of course, here at Toys Are Tools!

Meanwhile, like you, I am scoping out deals, mostly for nephews and nieces and school (and a little for me) because Heaven knows.... those kids of mine have ENOUGH toys.
It's like you can't make anything ugly, even if you tried.....

But all these sales and deals, as downright awesome as they are, can make us a kinda crazy. If you feel the same as I do, then get yourself a Kaleidograph Snowflake which was just released last week. All you have to do to make your own snowflake is just shuffle the stencil die cut cards around until you come up with the combination that matches your mood!

It is calming, portable, and most importantly, it aptly directs your attention away from holiday stress and back to holiday magic.

 Let's give a shout out to all who are forced to work on Black Thursday.  I hope retailers will wake up and turn Black Thursday back to Thanksgiving Thursday. As for me, here's the truth---  I'll likely be hunting down good toy deals on Thursday too but at least I'll have the decency to do it in secret on my phone while sitting in the bathroom of my brother's house so that no one will know what a online shopping nut I really am.  As my friend Fern would say, "Shopping is my sport!" 

Happy Thanksgiving "Week" to everyone! Remember a great deal not only saves you money but saves you time as well.

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