Sunday, September 30, 2012

World Maker Faire 2012 Coverage Part 1

WHAT: World Maker Faire New York (3rd Annual) at the New York Hall of Science
DOES: First sentence of their program reads: World Maker Faire 2012 is a showcase of creativity and cool technology that celebrates the maker mindset.  (Gosh, that is exactly what it is!)
INVEST: Prices vary (we bought ours early with weekend pass rates and so we saved a lot)   Tomorrow: Youth Single Day $15; Adult Single Day $30
TOOLS:  Express Yourself- lots of chances to create, Family Fix-its - so much education in conservation/sustainability, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer- but of course, My Body Needs to Move, Inventor Profiles (Meeting Makers is a huge part of the thrill)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Q-bitz: A Virtual Skill-Building Blitz

Speed, manipulation, sharpening recognition... all are thrilling elements of Mindware's Q-bitz.   photo: Mindware

WHAT: Q-bitz  by Mindware
DOES: have fun while sharpening skills involving recognizing, manipulating with your hands, and using both of your hands to work together (in big talk: visual perception, bilateral coordination, visual motor)
INVEST: MSRP  $24.95
AGES: Suggested is 8+ ( it can go way lower when play is modified)
TOOLS: Holiday/Birthday Build-Uponner (there are add-ons and sequels), Lose and Win Gracefully, My Body Needs to Move, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer, Remember to Learn
EXPERT OPINION:  Aimee Prainito, Prainito Pediatric Therapy, Snellville, Georgia
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Yackety Smack: Super Fast & Super Silly Can Be Very Good Things

There is no one who refuses the chance to record their own voices. photo: ThinkFun
WHAT: Yackety Smack by ThinkFun
DOES: promotes embracing silliness, creativity, and spontaneity as well is regulating it while still having fun; practice recognizing things quickly
INVEST:  $17.99 MSRP
AGES: 6+   (we modified for younger)
TOOLS: My Body Needs to Move, Social Scene Helper (silliness is required!), Lose and Win Gracefully (sort of gracefully... you'll be laughing hard!)
EXPERT OPINION: Dr. Gayle Hermann, Child Psychologist

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Rockboard Mini: Be Different, Be Motivated, and Be Happy (Rockboard Original to Giveaway Too!)

Like the Original, the Rockboard Mini is two scooters-in-one.   You can propel by rocking or by kicking.  Love to have variety!  photo: Rockboard USA

WHAT:  Rockboard Mini
DOES:   allows children to practice balance, hand-eye coordination, work out some energy, and is easy to learn; helpful as an icebreaker in the park
INVEST: MSRP  $159.99
TOOLS: Social Scene Helper, My Body Needs to Move
Expert Opinion: Aimee Prainito, Occupational Therapist, Prainito Pediatric Therapy
Giveaway for Rockboard Mini OR Rockboard Original - see details below...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Airglider: For Those Who "Learn the Hard Way"

Unlike kite-flying, these work best in non-windy conditions.  Fantastic!

WHAT: Airglider Easy  by HQ Kites and Designs USA
DOES: promotes self-teaching of aerodynamics; possibly use this to help a child learn at his own pace, great for outdoorsy, rough and tough kids.
INVEST: MSRP  $16.99
TOOLS: My Body Needs to Move, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer,  Social Scene Helper  (a great outdoor icebreaker)
SIX  Airgliders to Giveaway!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Tall Stacker Mighty Monkey Playset: There Are No Mistakes

Monkeys can be silly and never get in trouble.

WHAT: Tall Stacker Mighty Monkey Playset and Tall Stacker Might Monkey Pegs Only (15)  by Lauri
DOES: allows children to enact pretend play scenes in a setting in which they are most familiar (and sometimes challenged); lots of action-oriented play and building possibilities
INVEST: MSRP  $29.95 and $6.99 respectively
TOOLS: Holiday/Birthday Build-Uponner, More Make-Believe Please, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer
Expert Opinion: Christa Murphy, LCSW, Queens West Health

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Chalktrail: Creative Evidence of Exercise

Creatively display your exercise accomplishments visually and automatically.  photo: Fat Brain Toy Co.

WHAT:  Chalktrail by  Fat Brain Toy Co.
DOES:   allows you to draw on the ground with chalk using your bicycle, secretly motivates you to get moving, automatically leaves visual proof of exercise
TOOLS: My Body Needs to Move, Social Scene Helper

New York Int'l Gift Fair- Updated Coverage

WHAT: New York International Gift Fair - August 2012
DOES: a trade fair that showcases the most gorgeous or the gorgeously designed products of the world including TOYS.   Grab your child, sit him down next to you and let him use toys to take a trip around the world.

TOOLS: Tools will be discussed if there is a review.
updated 9.4.12 with Nocilis YouTube Video

NYIGF 2012: Curious About: Nocilis

Flip out these silicone blocks and a beautiful shape emerges.

New York International Gift Fair 2012
WHO: Nocilis

TOOLS: Tools will be discussed if there is a review