Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New York Int'l Gift Fair- Updated Coverage

WHAT: New York International Gift Fair - August 2012
DOES: a trade fair that showcases the most gorgeous or the gorgeously designed products of the world including TOYS.   Grab your child, sit him down next to you and let him use toys to take a trip around the world.

TOOLS: Tools will be discussed if there is a review.
updated 9.4.12 with Nocilis YouTube Video

These photos capture much of my visit to the New York International Gift Fair 2012 and each are linked with their respective articles.

The countries of origin below include: Germany, Honduras, Korea, Japan, China, Spain, France, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, the U.S. including my hometown, the multicultural melting pot of Queens, New York City.


Popar Toys

Plus Plus


Peaceable Kingdom

Partswecan -Wanted Bricks.com

Mastro Geppetto


Grow Studio Lille Huset


Fat Brain Toys


Doodle by Stitch


Also please check out some darling companies that I either did not get to photograph or visit.

*A thousand apologies to all the imperfect pictures caused by an unknown food element on my camera lens- courtesy of Numbers 1 and 2.

Disclosure statement: Toys are Tools has not been compensated in any fashion by the manufacturer of any of the mentioned products for the publication of this post.

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