Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NYIGF 2012 Coverage: Curious About: Areaware

So cute and is excellent for fidgeting, right?

WHO:  Areaware
  Tools will be discussed if there is a review.

The New York International Gift Fair was a walk through Beautiful-Land.  Booth after booth, all you saw was just one beautiful thing after another.  Here you see many toys that are fit for specialty retail stores and museum stores.  I had to give myself frequent reminders to move on because this time I only could attend for one day.  I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see. I'm so bummed about that but at least I got a chance to find out about a lot of new products... some not even for sale anywhere in the world!

The little cubebots come in different colors but the big ones don't.
The can turn into a cube too!

The little ones cost around $8

Only the little guys come in different colors.

Big and beautiful animals whose individual pieces are all connected and can turn too.  I think this having great potential for young artists.
If only I had a baby.... I love these Xmas tree tops!
Balancing Blocks $48

Do you like what you see?
Help me choose what to review in the future.  Are you interested in these?  BELOW, Please leave a comment in the Facebook comment box or Disqus comment box and let me know if you want this reviewed and any questions you may have.  Please feel free to visit the company's website and let me know what other things appear interesting to you.

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