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Flash Double Giveaway & Review: Time Timer App: Two is Better Than One (Ends 8/22 12:01 AM EST)

Mom's Best Friend? You have to try it to know what I mean.  photo: Time Timer LLC

WHAT: Time Timer iPhone App by Time Timer
DOUBLE GIVEAWAY: Two App Codes to Be Given Away, Ends 8/22/12 12:01 AM EST- See details below
DOES:  Turns your iPhone into a Time Timer; has added bonus of self-restarting timer thus you can program it to sound an alarm every five minutes (time interval of your choice), allows you to have benefits of Time Timer anywhere you go
INVEST: $3.99
TOOLS: Family Fix-its, I Can Take Care of Myself

If you are a frequent reader here, you'll know that I never write about apps.   It's not that I have anything against apps or video games, it is only because I can't wrap my head around enough of them to make thoughtful comments and comparisons.

However, some apps are worth making an exception.  If you have ever seen our review of the Time Timer, you'll understand why I love gadgets that help families become more productive.  For a child, such productivity gadgets are really important.  Not only do they help them get the job done that day but for young children it is an early lesson about understanding how it is very normal and possible to set up a strategy to help yourself. 

Let's just get this part out of the way: You can set your Time Timer App to not fall asleep on you.  Not all timer apps do that.

Generalize Good Habits Outside of the Home

With the iPhone Time Timer App, you are teaching them that they can use their Time Timer and help themselves anywhere, it doesn't have to be a only-for-home thing.  Additionally, because it is on your iPhone, you can use it to help yourself too.   Not only will YOU BE MORE PRODUCTIVE, but you'll also be a great model to show that grown-ups use tools too.  That's the best kind of sell there is.  Here are some other "Outside-Use Benefits" of the Time Timer APP:

  • Playdates - Let your child know that parting is imminent and that you'll leave when you say you will.  It will give them time to mentally prepare (maybe you too if you like the parent).  My kids behave better when they realize that they have limited time.
  • Shopping-  Bad behavior might come because they do not know how long you'll shop for.  You can have them set the timer to your estimated time and if you think you'll run over, give them the option of setting it for another five or ten extra minutes (but don't abuse that- keep your promise).
  • Time Out Anywhere- I have literally brought my 8-inch and 3-inch timer to use when I visit my brother who lives in another state.  However, I don't always remember to bring it.  It's good to be consistent because sometimes, you just gotta give them a time-out no matter where you are. Message: I still have expected behaviors of you even though you are in an unfamiliar place.  
ONLY IN THE APP- A Review in Pictures

The App has an auto-repeat function.  If you have a short interval, this ensures more fluidity in the work.  photo: Time Timer LLC

Run up to four timers simultaneously! Great if you are using the Time Timer for more than one child!  photo: Time Timer LLC

You can time things in seconds, minutes, or hours.  photo: Time Timer LLC

You can create a specific timer to reuse on another date - something that is ideal for routines.  photo: Time Timer LLC

You can alternate colors, vibration or tone (on or off for both or either), and exchange the famous "beep-beep" for some other sound.    photo: Time Timer LLC

There are 3 Visual Timer Modes. Choose from the original 60-Minutes Mode, Custom Mode or Clock Mode.  photo: Time Timer LLC

Apps vs. the Real Thing- Which is Better?

You might think that I'll say the original timer is better but I don't really think I can compare the two.   It's kind of like comparing a math app vs. Unifix cubes.  They are both so different and both have their unique benefits. So my advice is slightly more expensive but I dare say,  more effective.  That is, just get both.   Even though the App contains more features, it is hard to evaluate the impact of a live 3-dimensional timer that you have sitting inches away from you.  It's also something that is likely very acceptable in school because iPhones are still very likely not.   Additionally, the larger timers like the 12-inch Timer also means that more people can share the view which the app can't really do.   Lastly, the actual timer is super-easy to use.  A preschooler can set it.

If you are not familiar with the Time Timer, watch this video.

Multi-functional apps and their possibilities can overwhelm someone who is not used to these kind of things.  But that should not thwart them, rather, my advice is to resist temptation to try all the possibilities right away - especially with a child who is not familiar with the actual timer.  Instead, start out with the original Time Timer function on the app and then expand as they grow more comfortable.   Because the point is to be comfortable with helping yourself.  Finding the act of helping yourself to be easy is the first step to ensuring that you or your child will indeed succeed at meeting your goals.

Got Android?  Have no fear!  Time Timer in Android is Here! (New This Month!)

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Disclosure: This review is not so impartial because I love my Time Timer and the app very very very very very very very very much.  My app was purchased by me when I was a younger and less-wrinkled version of myself.  But no one paid for this review to be written if anyone was wondering about that.

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  1. I love tthe timer I have on my phone. Mt son has ADHD and has trouble focusing especially on mundane tasks like cleaning his room. If I know it's only a little messy I'll give him 5 minutes to complete it, bigger messes get more time, and set the timer for one minute at a time. Each minute I tell him how long he has left. Most of the tome he has a minute or two left. Sometimes he needs an extra minute ir two, so as long as there's decent progress I give it to him.

    Yes, it's also very effective as a time-out timer too. Some of my friends try to guesstimate time outs, but I like the consistency of a timer at my fingertips.