Saturday, August 25, 2012

NYIGF 2012: Curious About: P'kolino

While the true test happens with children, I find the color pencils to be quite unique.

New York International Gift Fair 2012
WHO: P'kolino

TOOLS: Tools will be discussed if there is a review

I can't say enough how nice it is to go to the Fair and try out all these things.  I remember seeing these in a store.  Actually, I've seen this in several places but have never once been able to touch one.  I wondered about the colored pencils that you don't really have to sharpen.   How would those triangular pencils feel?  I think their playdough might also have special qualities that sets them apart from the others but I haven't really gotten to sit down and do a genuine squish test.  Maybe someday.....

I wonder what Petra Pankow would think of these.

My nephew has the robot.  These are adorable and I'm bummed that my kids are too old for these but I have nephews- one was born this week! 

I can't stop looking at this one.
I am going to be talking about triangular pencils soon. 

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  1. My kids would have so much fun with everything. They really like to draw and color.