Friday, August 24, 2012

NYIGF 2012: Curious About: Popar Toys

Images seem to bounce off the screen!

New York International Gift Fair 2012
WHO: Popar Toys
TOOLS: Tools will be discussed if there is a review

No, it's not a holographic image bouncing off the page but its very very very close to that and dare I say better?   Apparently when you use your iPhone or Android or iPad with these books, you can make the books talk to you, show you beautiful color images that actually move!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's really hard to describe, even this video doesn't quite capture what I saw that day.   I'm definitely looking into this.

Love technology like this.  It opens more doors.

There are books about planets, bugs, princesses, and construction.

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  1. My daughter would be a fan of the 3D planets.