Saturday, August 25, 2012

NYIGF 2012: Curious About: GeoToys

When I look at this, I think about all the things I wanted for my children before they were born.

New York International Gift Fair 2012
WHO:  Geotoys
TOOLS:  Tools will be discussed if there is a review

I was born in Asia even though my mother tongue is now English.  Even without opening my mouth, I stick out with invisible "I am American" signs floating above my head.   Still, I know that my years spent abroad as an adult have been defining for me in so many ways.  The first children's book I bought was in another language way before my kids were born. 

I want them to experience the world as much as possible.  It's not just about taking French or Chinese.  I really want them to be on that land, drink their bottled water, smell that air, and ride their subways.   That is learning to me.  Until we can afford to do that, I think one of the best ways for them to at least take a visual trip aborad is via maps.  Here are toys that are also maps and portals to communities abroad.  What do you think?

I love that Canada is part of this map.  I love saying the word Saskatchewan.  Can you spell it?

No they are not the new Ugly Dolls.  These guys take you somewhere.

My friend and I always talked about a safe way for kids to exchange photos and messages.  Could this be it?  And across continents and oceans too?
I wonder how they keep this pen pal-ish communication safe.  I am in love with this idea.  Every kid should have a pen pal.

Thanks to the Geotoys folks for showing me around the world in ten minutes!  It was a blast!

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