Work w/ Jenn

Jenn Choi, former public relations professional and now completely immersed in the world of toys and the needs of all children (gifted, special needs, typical and combinations thereof) is available for writing assignments and speaking engagements.

Sample Topics:

  • How Parents Can Use Workplace Communication Skills in Parenting and Discipline
  • Helping Grandparents Relate Better to Your Special Needs Child
  • How to Select Toys for Your Child
  • Therapeutic Products Trial "Party"- Have Jenn personally explain the ins and outs of those therapeutic products that you always wanted to buy but were hesitant to buy.  Touch, feel, bounce, and squeeze them all you want. 
  • How to Get the Toys You Want for Holidays and Birthdays
  • How to Conduct Your Family Meeting Efficiently
  • Stop Apologizing and Tell People What You Need - Alcohol may be served at this one.
  • Making the Playground Effective for Social Skills Building

  • Private Session- Making the Most of Your Toybox and Getting Suggestions Tailored to Your Family's Needs

Fees will vary depending on topic, venue, travel, and client's individual needs.  Childcare will not be provided- so sorry about that....  I'll try my best to bring fab babysitters but I can't count on it.

About me:

Jenn is a lifelong New Yorker, a graduate of New York University with a degree that has nothing to do with the topics mentioned above.   She lives in Western Queens with her husband, two seriously interesting boys (elementary and middle school) and a grandmother who visits for very long long periods of time.

Please email Jenn at     jenn at toysastools dot cc