Conquer Content with Jenn

Jenn Choi is committed to helping you get people to love your product and stay in love with it!

Who wants to work with Jenn?

Ed Tech Companies
Toy Companies 
Education Companies including SaaS

  • use content to help you connect with your communities including
    1. Customers- Parents
    2. Customers - Children
    3. Customers - Educators
    4. Retailers
    5. Employees
    6. Investors
    7. Developers
  • create content worth sharing to demonstrate the thought leadership behind your brand
  • give ideas to customers on how to use your product
  • tell your stories and tell your customers' stories too
  • engage with your communities via social media
  • comb communities to find the stories you're missing
  • "coachwriting" for CEOs


About me:

Jenn is a lifelong New Yorker, a graduate of New York University. She lives in Western Queens with her husband and two seriously interesting boys (elementary and middle school).

Please email Jenn at     jenn at toysastools dot cc
or call