LEGO Organizer Jenn

I've been doing this quietly but I'm now taking more clients for this service because I want everyone to really enjoy their bricks! 

Educational toys are not educational if you can’t find them

We straighten out their drawers, their desks, and now we even buy rugs for their school lockers. However, when it comes to toys, even educational ones, we usually require kids to do all the clean up. In most cases they should be able to, but LEGO bricks are different. There are few toys that kids can own that could easily number in the thousands. There are about 70 LEGO bricks for every one of the world’s 6 billion inhabitants. And children around the world spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.

If the collection becomes this large, throwing them all into a big bin makes about as much sense as using large garbage bags to store your clothing for everyday wear. Jenn Choi, toy expert and Founder of Toys As Tools, has learned from working with toy designers and brick fan families on how to coach families on best ways to organize their LEGO bricks to suit kids' play styles and their families’ needs too.

Read about Jenn's work here in Quartz

Parents are trained along with the kids. Parents are present for the entirety of the training.

How she does it

Jenn Choi, Toy Expert and Founder of Toys As Tools provides brick sorting and organization education to families who love LEGO bricks and want to make sure that the LEGO bricks they own are organized for optimal creativity. Services include initial phone/video consultation and a home visit where parents and children are taught how to sort and organize in a way that best suits their collection. Appropriate supply suggestions are also provided. Consultation concludes with a final follow up phone/video call. 

Got a question? Email me at jenn at toysastools dot cc

Here are some neat storage supplies. Jenn can help you choose which will be right for you. 

Don't forget to read my favorite LEGO story at the Atlantic- How to Teach Your Kids to be Grateful: Give Them Less


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  12. To organize your LEGO bricks or sets, follow these tips Sort by color for easy access to specific shades during construction. Sort by type for quick identification of pieces needed. Use storage drawers with multiple compartments to keep bricks separated. Label containers with the type or color of LEGO pieces to quickly identify and locate needed pieces. Store sets in separate containers or bags and label them with the set name or number. Create building stations for easy building and organization. Invest in shelves to display completed sets or store containers of bricks. Keep instruction manuals organized in a dedicated binder or folder by theme, set number, or size. Separate specialty pieces for easier access. Regularly reorganize your collection to ensure everything is in its proper place. Consider a dedicated LEGO table for ongoing projects. Donate or sell unused sets to clear up space and simplify your collection. The best organization system depends on your size, preferences, and available space. Adjust these tips based on your needs and preferences.reckless driving virginia lawyer cost

  13. To organize your LEGO collection, follow these tips:

    1. Sort by color: Group LEGO bricks by color for easier identification.
    2. Sort by size or type: Group bricks by size or type, such as 2x2 bricks or plates.
    3. Use storage containers with compartments, which can be customized with adjustable dividers. Label them for easy identification.
    4. Separate special pieces: Keep unique or special LEGO pieces separate to avoid getting lost among common bricks.
    5. Keep instruction manuals in a binder or folder for easy access to building instructions.
    6. Build a LEGO table with built-in storage: Create a designated area for projects in a dedicated LEGO building space.
    7. Rotate displays: Display your LEGO creations periodically to keep your collection fresh and showcase different builds.
    8. Declutter regularly: Regularly go through your collection to declutter and donate or sell items you no longer need.
    9. Create designated areas: Designate specific areas for different types of LEGO pieces to maintain organization over time.

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    LEGO Organizer Jenn is praised for her organizational skills, practical tips, and creative solutions for managing LEGO collections. Her creative solutions make the process enjoyable for kids and parents, while her community engagement fosters a space for LEGO enthusiasts to share their ideas and experiences. The review comments also highlight her ability to transform LEGO storage woes into an organized and manageable collection, creating a positive and supportive community. Overall, LEGO Organizer Jenn is a genius in organizing and storing LEGO collections.

  18. Organizing LEGO bricks and sets can be a rewarding and enjoyable task. Here are some tips for organizing LEGO Sort by type: Sort LEGO bricks by type, such as bricks, plates, tiles, or slopes. Use small bins, drawers, or storage containers with dividers to keep different types separated Sort by color: Some builders prefer to sort by color, but it may require more storage space and time to maintain.Use stackable storage: Stackable storage containers or drawers can be easily stacked or arranged on shelves to maximize space and keep your LEGO collection organized. Label containers with the type or color of LEGO bricks to quickly locate pieces Keep instruction manuals safe: Store them in a designated folder, binder, or file organizer to keep them safe and easily accessible. Separate built sets: Keep built LEGO sets separate from loose bricks to prevent mixing up. Use display shelves, cabinets, or display cases to showcase completed sets. Use tackle boxes or craft organizers: Tackle boxes or craft organizers with adjustable compartments are ideal for storing small LEGO pieces Create a building area: Designate a specific area or table for building LEGO sets and projects, keeping essential tools nearby for easy access. Regularly maintain your LEGO collection: Set aside time to tidy up and reorganize your collection as you build and acquire new sets. Enjoy the process: Experiment with different sorting methods and storage solutions to find what works best for you and your LEGO divorce lawyers in arlington va

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