Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Double Giveaway! Time Timer + DRL Auditory Timer

photo: Time Timer LLC

WHAT: GIVEAWAY: Time Timer 3" and Different Roads to Learning Auditory Timer
DOES: Two fabulous timers will be shipped to ONE winner!
INVEST: $30.00 + $6.95  (MSRP)  
TOOLS: Family Fix-it; I Can Take Care of Myself

It's time for Toys are Tools to take a little break.  We'll return with our reviews after Labor Day but in the meantime, we can't say goodbye to August without a little parting gift.

While I'm no fan of the Back-to-School shopping season, here are two items that you will find awesome - timers that will help your family make the most efficient use of time.  You've read about the Time Timer already.  The app giveaway was a huge success.  Many of you responded with fantastic comments on Facebook!   But I do have a thing for the original.  The 3-incher is a favorite tool of mine.  It can go anywhere and I find it to stand up very steady wherever we go (even vacations).  It even has a cover for the face.
Read more about how the Time Timer promotes independent work here.

I first learned about the Time Timer from the online retailer and published Different Roads to Learning.  They have awesome stuff. photo: Different Roads to Learning

And now..... this is a new timer to me that is quite special!  I find that it meets my timer needs very well.  While I haven't written a full review yet, I can't resist the chance to introduce it to you today.

What does it do? 

It counts up - A kid can time himself..... how long does it take to run a lap?  how fast can I put the Oblo puzzle back together?

It counts down -  A kid can time himself.... can I finish my math homework in 15 minutes so that I can have half an hour to play before dinner starts?

I haven't tried this part yet but apparently the timer from Different Roads to Learning can go off in increments.  It can go in seconds too and up to 99 minutes.  It even has a magnetized clip.  And it is only $6.95.  That's an awesome deal.

This doesn't vibrate in case you are wondering but some people really do prefer auditory alarms at certain times of the day.  It's also easy to set.  A child should be able to use those two primary functions quite easily.

Two Special Mom-Stories
Jan Rogers (right)  invented the Time Timer to help her 4-year-old daughter Loran (left) understand time. Loran is now the owner of www.peak7.org, helping underprivileged children experience the outdoors! What an awesome Mom story!

Julie Azuma, owner and founder of Different Roads to Learning created this store 17 years ago after experiencing much difficulty in acquiring toys and tools for her daughter Miranda who is living with autism.  Here she is at an outing taken with her daughter Miranda (bottom) and Sophie (left) taken a few years ago.  Read more about Julie here.

Best "Back to School" Gifts are Timers

I think timers are wonderful.  I like to have one in each room of the house.  Why? Because I love deadlines.  My kids like them too.  They also like when tedious things become challenges ie. how fast can you put your clothes on?  how fast can you pick up the toys off the floor?    Having a timer around when I give them these deadlines or challenges makes things easier.  I don't have to go looking for one because you lose momentum when you want to just drop a challenge on them. 

All in all, these two timers are simply terrific.  I use them frequently and hope that this year, with the help from timers, they will be one step closer to using their time most efficiently.  Time management is a skill they will be working for the rest of their lives.

Good luck and hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!


P.S.  Stay tuned.... we will have a huge "Back-AT-School" Giveaway promotion in a few weeks!  You'll be seeing faves from Whisperphone, Abilitations/Integrations and possibly more!

part of the next giveaway...

part of the next giveaway....

Here is the giveaway:  The most points go to hearing your thoughts on the cool stuff seen at the New York International Gift Fair!  We appreciate you writing your thoughts about those toys not on this post but on the post about the toy.

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The giveaway ends Friday September 9, 2012 at 12:01 AM.  Can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous U.S. states.  Please follow directions carefully.

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools has not been paid to write this blog post.  The DRL timer was donated by Different Roads to Learning.  The Time Timer is a gift from me to you.  Time Timer and Different Roads to Learning will also be donating gifts to big BACK-AT-SCHOOL promotion coming soon.

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