Sunday, September 30, 2012

World Maker Faire 2012 Coverage Part 1

WHAT: World Maker Faire New York (3rd Annual) at the New York Hall of Science
DOES: First sentence of their program reads: World Maker Faire 2012 is a showcase of creativity and cool technology that celebrates the maker mindset.  (Gosh, that is exactly what it is!)
INVEST: Prices vary (we bought ours early with weekend pass rates and so we saved a lot)   Tomorrow: Youth Single Day $15; Adult Single Day $30
TOOLS:  Express Yourself- lots of chances to create, Family Fix-its - so much education in conservation/sustainability, Think Like a Scientist/Engineer- but of course, My Body Needs to Move, Inventor Profiles (Meeting Makers is a huge part of the thrill)

Last year I attended the World Maker Faire for the first time in New York City.  It was amazing.  We went in at opening and left almost at closing and came back the next day for more until heat stroke make Number 1 Son sick.

Today, the weather was gloomy but it didn't rain a drop!  PERFECT!  But even more perfect was what we saw.  Excuse the lack of details.  I lost my notebook!  Can you blame me? I was trying to take pictures, not lose my children, talk to inventors while pretending to understand what they were saying to me.  My head was spinning. 

Anyway, here is are some of the things we saw in photos.

I wish I could tell you what that was...  It looked like a caterpillar.  Where is that notebook!!!!

A table of Zoobs at NYSCI Village (ZONE A)

NYSCI's David Wells (Manager of Creative Making and Learning) and totally my go-to expert on just about EVERYTHING shows us how to awesome music.  He is also holding an "Earstring Guitar."  What a neat discovery!  On Sunday, he is teaching a printmaking class.  12 PM, Education Cafe

I am not sure what this was but he got a lot of help and it was fun.  Nuts and Bolts Art?

After he finished he was encouraged to screw it in with his hands.  Fun!

This apparently does a lot underwater.  It can go into oil spills and collect sample or information....  I think it can even do a little fishing.   Oh, I wish I had my notebook.  Zone A   NYSCI Village

Metrocard Man and Robot.   This robot used to do birthday parties!

This was fun!  I love how he used his finger to close his eye.  Zone A   Inside the Hall of Science, right across from Toothpick World.

Toothpick World always drew a crowd.

Making a pinwheel from a straw and used Honest Kids juice packs.  I don't think he knew he was meeting the Maker, Tiffany Threadgould

This book by Tiffany Threadgould and other products teach kids to make new things from old stuff.

The bike was given to him and the boogie boards were just five bucks each.  The maker, Grant, is 8!!!!!!!!!!!!  Green Amphibike

Hydrogen and Oxygen go POOF

Oobleck, Zone A, NYSCI Village, near mini golf course

The Black Hole
by Xaverian High School FIRST Robotics Competition Team

Seeed Studio sells these really cool items and kits.

Held together by magnets

Hardware Science  I loved their stuff.  They were here from Hawaii and everyone had to go to their booth because of what I think was a gyroscope-ish thing where a bolt was placed in a balloon and you can make it spin around.

It's called a True Mirror.  Not your ordinary flat mirror. 
We met a police officer during our fuel break and he let this little man turn on the lights!  So lucky!

At RoboFun's booth, there were so many kids playing with Legos.  But there were also set ups for learning stop-motion animation and something called Scratch programming.

Paper Roller Coasters???  Yes, it's true.  You can purchase a kit from their website.  The templates include the white colored structural pieces.  You can build the paper shoots/slides templates but it's up to you to choose how to put them together.

paper robots... from Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach
There are many shapes within this structure.  I just noticed that the floor was fogging up.  

Again, I apologize for the minimal details. I hope I find my notebook, I think it was at MoMath and Tufts!!!

I will go back tomorrow.  This is so much fun!

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