Monday, May 21, 2012

Review and Giveaway: AquaNotes: It's the Thought That Wows

Yes, it really exists and it really does work.  photo: Calmar Consulting Corporation

WHAT: AquaNotes  (Waterproof Paper Pad Set)
DOES:  you can write in the shower, you can write underwater- yes, completely underwater
INVEST: $7.00 per set includes pad of 40 waterproof sheets (write on either side) that comes with suction cups for pad and 1 waterproof pencil with suction pencil holder  (I bought mine on sale- 5 pad sets for $28 thus buy 4 get 1 free)
TOOLS: Family Fix-its, I Can Take Care of Myself, Remember to Learn 
Note: Aqua FunNotes Review (separate from this) has also been published now.  Remember to click there to ensure your chance at winning all three AquaNotes pads.

Once in a while you come across something that makes you ask, "Are you serious?"

Is this for real?  And you basically don't believe it until you can feel it in your own two hands.

Well, these two hands have felt AquaNotes and I can assure you, it is for real and it is more awesome than you think!!!

I don't know about you but I have stepped on way too many Legos in the tub. (They're too old for "bath toys.")  And so when I saw the AquaFun Notes, I thought to myself.  "Hey, this could be the next greatest toy in the tub!"

Don't get me wrong.  The Legos still come to the tub but having another great thing to do that takes up less space and makes less mess is great for me.  The added fine motor exercise time is no small reward either.

These little gel fish don't come with AquaNotes but here you can see that AquaNotes can be used to make an art studio out of your bathroom.  But look closely, you'll see that there is a message here.

Step 1 on the road to "I Can Take of Myself"  Don't make fun of my artwork!  Everybody has different talents, okay?

Encourage Auto-Clean

At what age does a parent stop bathing their children?  Aimee Prainito of Prainito Pediatric Therapy in Snellville, Georgia says the typical age for kids to be self-sufficient bathers is about 8 years old. Number 1 Son is actually eight years old but let me tell you, we are still working on this goal.   For my boys, a smear of soap means they've scrubbed themselves clean.  If Number 1 Son washes his hair, he may lather up just one section of his head and think he's done.

No. No. No. No. No!

But even if I teach him and re-teach him, at one point, I have to let go and hope that he'll do it on his own. So one day after catching his 30% -lathering-procedure AGAIN, I was about to yell at him AGAIN but this time behind him were the AquaFun Notes we had just received and suddenly I had an idea.....

Could I possibly write/draw directions on an AquaNote Paper and stick it on the bathroom wall!?!?!

Some kids don't really know when enough is enough.  This diagram isn't descriptive enough either but I can draw a life size "It should be about this much" model after they get used to my 4 steps-to-clean hair-process.

Each sheet in an AquaNotes pad does actually stick to a bathroom wall if both paper and wall are wet.  However, even when the shower has been turned off and they dry, the sheets still remain in place. 

So I bought an AquaNotes pad which are completely blank.  I then tried drawing a sequence of how to bathe appropriately.  I even did it while they were taking a bath.  I got feedback from them so I could make it like it was their idea...  all the right things to start a good habit, so I thought.... but, guess what?  I got laughed at... really bad.  I am no artist.  My drawing even looked a little x-rated because I tried to draw a person in a tub and that person ended up with boob-like bumps. It was an accident.

I traced this little guy right from my computer screen like a lightbox.  It was easy.

Thus, I was going to have my husband draw a sequence but I hate losing "creative control."  Then, I decided to just go online and see if I could copy some pictures that best represented my ideas.  I found one "lathering" cartoon-like drawing that I literally traced over by putting one AquaNote sheet over my computer screen. (See step #3 above).  Color pencils work well on these sheets.  Markers do not (except Sharpie- let it dry though).   AquaNotes also come with a pencil that resists cracking because of water exposure but just in case you lose yours, do not worry.  You can still write on them with a regular pencil too.

I love how they just stick and STAY on the wall.  I can basically use these sheets to write/draw any message for them. 

We Have So Much on Our Minds

I frequently find that my showers are lasting longer and longer.  It's such a peaceful time.  You do not have too many disturbances (hopefully) and you are busy doing something but still it is rote.  In such situations, I find that a mind can wander and you give yourself time to look at the big picture.

In your big picture, you then recall something that needs to get done but OH NO- will you remember it by the time you leave the shower?  Perhaps not!  So then, AquaNotes are also the lifesaver for busy people with so much on their plates.  You don't want to lose this thought but we can only hold so much in our brain.  I have never left the shower to write something down but there have been many times when I should have. 

I am the worst daughter in the world.  I always forget to call her back. Also, you can't tell but this pad is completely wet.

I also like that this pad is not just for the kids and the kids know it.  I do want them to practice being troubleshoot and plan ahead by making a note to themselves to do something later.  This is a skill they will use forever.  Right now, we are all punching in our random ideas and to-do items into our smartphones.  This is a great strategy but we can not bring our smartphones into the  shower.  Goodness, imagine the day when that happens.....

Coolest Gift for Kids and Grown-Ups Alike

I meet a lot of creative people these days and sometimes I  like to show that I appreciate them with small but quirky gifts.  In this vein, AquaNotes have made the most awesome gifts to give to just about anyone or even a family. 

This is useful for the grown-ups and sets a good example for the kids.  But at the same time, it can just be plain fun. photo: Calmar Consulting Corporation 

I bought a pack of 4 that came with 1 extra pack (total:5) for just $28.   I kept one pack and managed to give out the remaining four within a span of three weeks.  It's incredibly hard to NOT GIVE someone this.  You basically feel like the FONZ and a flower delivery person mixed together as one.  If you like giving gifts, I strongly recommend you get a five-pack like I did.  Believe me, even though they are fit for any season, I'll have these at home for just-in-case-gifting situations during the holidays.

(Tip: if you are giving to someone of opposite sex and he/she is not a close friend and you find yourself uncomfortable giving something for what would be used in the shower, just tell them that this is for their kids or for their speedboat or kitchen or for poolside or in-pool activity  ie. tally game scores.etc...) 

No one can hide their curiosity either.  Usually when you give a gift to someone, they will likely stop to look at your face at least once to say "thank you."   I definitely hear "thank you" but everyone who has gotten an AquaNotes pad from me hasn't really been able to look at me when they say thanks.  Their eyes are too busy staring at the box.  My eyes are too busy staring at the box too!

Think about what you can buy with $7 dollars that could create a reaction like the reaction you'd get with an AquaNotes gifting.  In this case, it wouldn't be "the thought that counts," rather it would be "the thought that wows!

See the review for Aqua FunNotes coming tomorrow morning.  But here's a hint of how fun it can be.....

Still not convinced?  This is a commercial that is quite funny.   AquaNotes are also non-toxic and made in the U.S.A.   

Time to Win Your Own AquaNotes or Aqua FunNotes!  Remember to follow the rules!   The winning AquaNotes Package can only be shipped to the U.S. or CANADA (Yeah, Canada!)  There will be THREE winners (but see the bottom of the review to be eligible for all three!)  Each winner can choose between a set of AquaNotes (Blank), Aqua FunNotes Wordsearch or Aqua FunNotes Mazes    Ends: June 7 2012,  12:01 AM EST

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WAIT! The Aqua FunNotes Review has been published now.  There is another giveaway there.   So there will be three winners total!  Click HERE to read about doing mazes underwater and enter to win your choice of Blank, Maze or Word Search!   You'll love the video!

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  1. I love the suction cups! My ex-h had waterproof notepads in the Army, and I was just looking for some for poolside! As an ADD Mom (writer) of an ADD kid (artist), I'm sure these will be on the "do not run out of" list. :) Thanks for sharing! 

  2.  I love this.  This is really cool.  I can't believe this works.  My son is going to love this.

  3. great idea.....this would be amazing for my 3 boys!  completely plan on making the "step by step" for the tub...even if i have to use laminated paper sheets

  4. My son will love this.  What an awesome idea.

  5. I had never heard of these! I love how you used them, and I agree they will make a great gift! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I used to make my own laminated pages, I so love these! I want some now!

  7. I have a laminator too!!!  But I felt like this would give me more flexibility and maybe be more fun!  You can also just gently peel if off and stick it anywhere and if velcro was your backing then moving it around is less possible.  I definitely prefer these.  If it ripped, you could just make a new one easy.  Thanks for entering!

  8.  Thanks for your feedback! It means a lot.

  9.  Even though this procedure sort of ended up making a sort-of naked person, it was nice to get their feedback while writing the directions to getting clean!  Good luck!  Please feel free to send your images.  If my kids like yours more.  I'll just trace over and use yours instead!

  10.  oooh.. I wonder how those waterproof notepads came from the Army to us civilians.   What else do they have there that we can use....  hmm...

  11. I haven't seen this before, but I wish I could go back 25+ years into the past and share it with a former high school teacher.  Mr. Maher believed that you got the best ideas when you were in or near water and he got many of his in the shower!

  12. i had never heard of these, but i love the idea. my nephews would love this. my husband, too.

  13. Wow!  The things you find. Never heard of them before. My dad would actually love these.  he takes notes everywhere.

  14. Love the step by step drawings.!

  15. Great idea to get students to write their thoughts as they come, where ever they come. Like having a note pad on the night stand.