Monday, March 25, 2013

Do Candy Names Count As Words?

WHAT: Sweet-inspired word recall?
STAR of the SHOW:  Radz
INVEST: $ 5.29 or less!  see below!
TOOLS: Social Scene Helper (who wouldn't talk to you if you were wearing one of these); Family Fix-it  (oh, yes, you guessed it.  If you motivate via sweet tooth... these are PERFECTLY portioned!),  Lastly, it can be a perfect party favor.

Any Scrabble experts out there?  Help us settle the score.

My son got some major points on Scrabble and he isn't exactly the best speller in the world.  Thus when he comes up with something unexpected to really grab big points, I think hard before arguing about it.   I have to also say, I was quite impressed with his recall since he ate up all his Radz candy weeks ago.

If you consider Pez to be acceptable word (since there is no other way to describe this candy.... Pez is Pez) then would you consider Radz to be okay to use for points in Scrabble?

Gotta thank these little cutey candy dispensers.  They inspired a reluctant reader/writer to beat his writer-mom at Scrabble!  I lost by just 10 points!!!!  That darn Z!  When did "Z" start replacing "S"? It's everywhere! That and the space omission in two-word names like ThinkFun, Smartlab Toys, and Mindtwister... oh, my head spins... but I love their stuff irregardless.

Candy + ultra cute dispensers!  Double Trouble!!!  Number 5 is sporting the little red one right now (Scorch).  She loves it.  I bet she took it with her on her family vacay.
One last point.  Order a bunch and give them away as b-day party favors.  Like books, I think it is a great stand alone party favor!  Surely, I would rather RADZ then a bunch of plastic things that end up in the trash.

Toys are Tools was given Radz samples to try out in order to facilitate a review.  Reviews are never promised.

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  1. I think any word that all players recognize should be accepted. How cool that he recalled it and played it!