Monday, September 29, 2014


NEED A LOGO?    Don Carter will pluck your dream logo out of your head and bring it to life.  Thank you Don!  I can't wait to tell everyone how this logo was born.

A pledge to y'all

Where are all the toy reviews?
What happened?
Here's the scoop.

It is true that I've been busy doing other things but this site is always on the top of my mind.   I have plans on making it very useful for the holiday season.  I am working hard toward this goal!

found new ways to calm kids ... seriously!

 First, I just wanted to let you know that we have been testing the heck out of these toys!!!!!    Money is tight, right?  I want you all to spend it wisely and so we have taken toys with price tags big and small and seeing where it can take us.  Some lead us nowhere but some... well.... let's just say, we've been busy.

Second, my writing at and at Quartz have allowed me to do research in areas that have helped my exploration with toys!  There are so many things in the world we must fix!  But the good news is that there are so many cool things coming to us right now.  It's a great time to be a parent and a child!   The increase in my coverage area has gained me more access to toys to test for YOU!

Third, I would like to say that we still play with the old stuff.  Number 2 loves Plus-Plus so much more now.  I bought two boxes and sent them off to school!

Finally learned to ride a two wheeler!  Boy do I have some things to tell you moms of toddlers!

 Fourth, I wanted to let you know that this year, we had a change of school, the passing of Number 1 and 2's granddad, more educational and psychological testing, and even one child without a summer program for a whole ten weeks!   I could write a book about that!  Needless to say, this summer, I focused inward but I have lots of helpful tips about toys and education that came out of it!

The whole summer was all about Thames and Kosmos and robots robots robots.   No summer school for this guy
I will also be talking about family exercise.

And that is it folks.   I am so grateful for those of you who continue to read Toys Are Tools. 

I PROMISE I'LL be Writing a LOT more!!!!!  Thank you again for sharing my interest in toys as tools.

  Before I go.... who doesn't think this is a brain?  Please be honest.  My husband said that it didn't quite pop out at him but I need y'all to share with me your thoughts on this.  Please someone come to his defense.  Otherwise, I will think that I am the worst wife ever.

Again, my humble thanks to Don Carter.  The journey to making this logo helped me understand a lot about what a designer does and even how all of us are looking at toys, tools, education, and ..... fun!  Don, you're a genius.  I can't wait to tell the story of this logo!

Yours truly and always at your service,
Jenn Choi 


  1. The brains sort of looks like thumbs-ip, turned upside down, so it was a bit hard to figure out for a sec or two.

  2. Totally a brain. Welcome back!

  3. I got the brain shape first thing. Then I thought "thought bubble" (with out the little trail of bubbles). And that works too, because aren't we all thinking about how we can help our children and how to use toys to that end? The multiple colors are great

  4. ...because they're eye-catching and, to me, represent all our different personalities.

  5. I definitely think it looks like a brain, although the little hangy down part make it look more like a thought cloud.

  6. I saw a brain right away! Your site is so invaluable. Thanks for all your hard work! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about bikes and toddlers!

  7. It definitely looks like a brain. Glad to see you back!

  8. It's a brain but can double as a thought bubble. Which is a cool shape association that I never noticed before. Can't wait for you to return in force, I was just wondering whether this amazing blog was drying up.

    Curious what you mean about news for toddler parents. I've been thinking most of your posts are geared towards a certain age set, maybe 7-11. I have preschoolers here and would be more than thrilled to join your testing team and fill in the gap!