Thursday, June 4, 2015

Active Summer Giveaway Part 2: Don't Miss This

 THE SECOND HALF of my follow up to my post at Forbes

This one is all about ACTIVE FUN too but for kids over 5!
Express Yourself, Think Like a Scientist Engineer, My Body Needs to Move

This giveaway is brought to you by Toys Are Tools, nay

We are dividing this feature into two parts because this post and giveaway will focus on active toys for kids over 5 years of age.  The previous post with its very own giveaway focuses on active fun for kids under 5.  DON'T MISS!  You can enter both!

Y Scoot Cruzer ($79.99; ages 5+)
I need to mention again and all of our Yvolution products from last year are still going strong in terms of interest and durability. It's one of the reasons I never return review units. How can I tell you about longevity if I no longer have it. Anyway, if you want to get two, one for parent and one for child, you can! Max weight on Cruzer is 220lbs! I decided that everyone in the fam must have a scooter if we were to let our children scoot away. How could we ever catch up with them without our own? Cruzer is not a trick scooter so it's just perfect for the most unathletic parents like me!

Something to know about the Cruzer- the wheels are wide and this means you can really treat it like a longboard and use your body to lean and swerve.  

He really likes this one because it's not a trick scooter. It's a smooth ride.

You get the idea right? It's super cool.  I like the design of these rockets.  But you only get two so order extras if you think you'll need it.  

If it goes fast, will it look like a shooting star at night? I haven't tried that yet because it gets dark later in the summer and they are always asleep.  Still, they have lit it up tons. 
just press here and it stays on
changing the battery looks like it would be a pain but doable. LED lights usually won't use too much energy unless you leave it on forever.  Just glue the foam head back on when you're done.

these are not LED but will fit.
Spot It! Splash  ($14.99)   (ages 7+) How do they make this game? How do they make it so that from any one card and any other one card, there will always be one and only on pair of the same item on the card. It drives me crazy. Blue Orange won't share their formula with me. I have asked. I know that it was bad to ask but I had to ask. Maybe I'll find it online but then will I know how to apply it once I find it? Sigh... 

Don't worry, it's not super stiff laminate. It's sturdy but not it can bend. It's just the right thickness (or thinness really).

I hope you know how to play. Find the pair of similar objects that may be of different size from two cards. Speak out the duo as soon as you spot it and you keep the cards.To win, collect the most. That's just one way to play.

If you let them float in water, it gets harder to win.
-----we now interrupt this blog post to remind you that the original post is at Forbes! These are just the extra pics!------

Let’s Rock! Break Your Own Geodes Kit ($29.99, ages 5+)

You just have to try breaking your own.  You will find yourself looking at the outside and then the inside, and repeating that so you can figure out how to pick the one you like the next time around. They're not all the same.

The outer shell of the geode you see directly above.

So pretty isn't it?

Also in the giveaway is Faber-Castell's Do Outdoor Chalk Art ($14.99) - As I mentioned, this is not just a box of chalk. You can get that anywhere but if you want a small box of radiant chalk with instructions on how to be artsy with chalk then this is your set.

Kids are so funny. What is he doing?
Hey Mom, look, Mom, look, look, look.  Okay! Ooooh!
Mom's attempt.  No big whoop right? Is it wrong to be jealous of my son? 
LEGO Space Man in chalk. I still have my magnetic chalkboard. 

Things not in the giveaway but you should know about either way:

Vintage Kaleidoscope Camera ($4.99)

Isn't this the cutest thing by Seedling?  They have a bunch of these cute toys for $5!  I wish my kids would get something like this as a party favor instead of candy. I wonder how much cheaper candy and plastic throwaway toys really are. I can't point fingers though, I gave candy away at my son's party but at least we also had a LEGO guessing contest (how many in a jar... it was cool).

What is this you see? 
Did you guess it was a tree? 

Titan Torpedo ($18.99, ages 5+)  You can easily remove the "fins" to change flight too. I had a great time throwing this guy around with my husband.  But it's awesome as a noodle too.

Imagine a game of toss and throw with two rockets!  But one package only has one rocket.

Air Pogo Jumper ($24.99 ages 5+) You can use this guy indoors. It comes with an inflater and if you deflate it, it is very easily stored. It's just very simple if you don't want the whole pogo stick and it's very affordable.

Jumparoo Anti-Gravity Pogo Stick  ($99.99 ages 4 and up ... there are small, medium, and large sizes)  These look like my favorite favorite anti-gravity shoes.  I'll be talking about these on Father's Day! Geospace's Anti-Gravity products are like walking around on personal trampolines. Just remember to get the right size for you. 

 Also, remember that for this age group, the Mobo Triton ($399.99) which is for ages 6 and up is just excellent. Giving a Mobo Tot away in the previous post published just yesterday.
Expandable to share with Mom and Dad! 

Thanks to Poof! Alex Brands, Yvolution, Faber-Castell, Seedling, and Blue Orange Games for this unbelievably generous gift to ONE LUCKY READER!

Will it be you? We have one week to find out! If you entered the other active giveaway, you are welcome to enter his one too!

Again, the basket of goodies are:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember.... always always wear your helmet!!!!!

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools was not compensated by the manufacturers of anything mentioned here for the publication of this review.  The reviewed items were provided to Toys are Tools to facilitate a review.  Reviews are never promised and I feel really badly that I can't write about all of them. 


  1. My son would love the rockets and my daughter will love the chalk and Spot It! game.

  2. I've never heard of the Y Scoot Cruzer, but it looks really cool!

  3. If I had $400+ to spend on my hubby, I'd buy all of the board games on his wish list. :D

  4. If I had $50 to spend on my dad, I'd buy him some heirloom seeds and gardening tools.

  5. thank you. so helpful. any titles in particular?

  6. Imperial Settlers, Legendary Villains, Libertalia, Kingdom Builder, Robinson Crusoe, Ghost Stories, Five Tribes, to name a few.... :)

  7. The rocks are so cool! I'd love those, not sure if I'd share with my daughter.

  8. The spot it splash was new to me

  9. I'd buy my husband a really nice BBQ (something I would benefit from too)

  10. For $50, I'd take him to a restaurant he's been wanting to go to recently.

  11. If I had $400-$700 to spend on my husband, I would probably get him a pair of Beats headphones and a nice new leather wallet.

  12. For $50, I would buy my husband a few bottles of high-end craft beer.

  13. This was new- the Jumparoo Anti-Gravity Pogo Stick. Looks like so much fun:)

  14. The rocket! Everything looks so fun though!

  15. Ive never heard of the kaleidoscope camera.

  16. My kids' favorite would probably be the geodes. They love rocks and crystals. I had never heard of the Y scoot cruzer, strato slam rocket LEF (have heard of stomp rocket which is similar?), titan torpedo and anti pogo jumper. If I were to buy something $400-$700 for Father's Day I would probably by some big tools for his workshop or a new iPad.

  17. I haven't heard of any of them.

  18. I'd get him a crossbow.

  19. I would get him a leather ipad cover.

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