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Hit List: Marbles the Brain Store

I'll be trying this one out very very soon.  It's physics plus spatial reasoning and cunning strategy
Newton - $34.99  Exclusively at Marbles the Brain Store

I don't know why it took me so long to make this list from Marbles. My apologies to you but I'm confident that you'll forgive me once you make your first Marbles purchase. I just became an affiliate and I couldn't be more thrilled. This is a list of great items here but it also contains tips on how to win at specialty store shopping.  It's possible. Just give me a chance.

The stores are co-owned by a dad named Scott Brown who loves good toys and games. More importantly, he values your sanity and time. He only puts good stuff in his store. If you go to a Marbles with your kids, you'll feel happy and you'll be playing. If you go to a big box with your kids, you'll need a shot of something strong afterwards.

It's so cool that we know so much about the brain and how we have so much to learn!

Visit the store and you'll find Brain Coaches to teach you how to play.  Shop online and watch their own videos in which the Brain Coaches describe the toy. There is a consistent approach to their videos and that familiarity reduces stress. It's very smart.

Anyway, onto my list of Marbles faves. I've tested almost all of them and I'll note if I have not.  I'll also add my ideas on why you may want to buy this there and how to win at shopping here.  

First- The Exclusives- Stuff you'll only find at Marbles, most often because Marbles makes their own award winning products too!

Beasts of Balance - $99.99

This is a very unusual game.  I'm not sure how much of an exclusive it is but I've not seen this sold anywhere.

FlingSet - $34.99

This thing is so darn fun.  If you get tired of the bullseye, they be awesome magnets and occasionally, you can throw it at a loved one's head.

Arckit GO Plus - $59.99

I don't know if Marbles has an exclusive but I've not seen this anywhere at this price. Note the Plus is the newest.  I have the original GO kit and these kits are marvelous. It's a house for minifigures too!

Klask - $44.99

Retail Price: $59.99
Just watch this video.  You must buy this game. 'nuff said.

The Sherlock - $49.99

The right combination requires keen observation and logical reasoning. Translation: pay attention and think dammit!  Black Friday Deal:  20% off (11/24-11/27)

Otrio - $29.99
This game is simply beautiful.  Give it to anyone you want to impress.  Oh, and it's fun too. My kid beats me all the time.  I hate him.

Quoridor - $34.99

These boxes have been updated to a crisp clean white color. I am showing this here because I haven't found great deals on Amazon and if you click through this link, and go to the sale section, you'll find Quoridor and Quarto together as a bundle wrapped into a lovely ribbon while saving $10!  Woo hoo!

QUARTO! - $34.99

This is special..... Can you believe this? No, I haven't tested this one but geez...

Umbra Chess Set Wobble - $249.99
Features curved pieces with a wobbly base atop a concave landscape of maple and cherry wood. Makes a great gift and a beautiful piece for your coffee table.

Stuff You Can Buy on Amazon BUT......

 it's likely you won't find it cheaper there so you might as well buy it here and rack up those Marbles loyalty points (just like the LEGO store).  I go on Amazon everyday and there are some things in which prices just go up, not down.  Why? There is something called MAPP pricing. I don't know how it works but at a time like this when in-demand goods start getting outrageously expensive, you can count on Marbles to offer it at the regular MSRP and moreover, you can probably rack up points and use a coupon too.
3Doodler Start Super Mega Pen Set - $99.99
This pen, is also mentioned in my tech toy guide.  I absolutely love this pen. I walk around my house with it thinking of what I can draw, add, fix, personalize.... It's the best.

Design Your Own Marble Maze - $59.99

I've been playing with this. It's the coolest.  You build it, play with it, scan it, play with on your tablet or in VR goggles. You can customize it further on your phone or tablet.  More explanations in my tech toy guide this year.  Black Friday Deal:  20% off (11/24-11/27)

Little Red Riding Hood - $24.99

I totally love every puzzle made by this company.  There is a puzzle designer by the name of Raf Peeters that makes all of them.  This means he's made like 40 puzzles in his life. Smart Games is the one logic puzzle maker that make an array of high quality logic games for preschoolers! If you like this, you'll also like Three Little Pigs, also at Marbles.

Osmo Genius Kit - $99.99

I never have time to write crowdfunding stories but 2 1/2 years OSMO was born to the world. I couldn't resist! I had to shout the news from the top of the mountain from my blog at Forbes. It's still so unique. It's an amazing play invention. Black Friday Deal:  20% off (11/24-11/27)

Sphero SPRK+ - $129.99

these things never go on sale. Just know this now. It's rare. At most you may see it on sale at sphero.com but then you don't get loyalty points from Marbles. Black Friday sale $30 off.

littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets 2nd ed - $199.99

My dream is to collect and connect every littleBit that was ever invented. Anything is possible with this buildable circuit toy. It's the new literacy. We all have to learn it. Black Friday Deal:  20% off (11/24-11/27) Select Kits.  Like Sphero SPRK+, these things are never on sale at retailers, just at the company's online store so you might as well get it here and get the loyalty points. 

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube - $149.99

We have this.  Don't expect to take it apart much once you fiddled around with the app.  Still, it's a darn good speaker and you can take it apart easily to make a big cardboard box your speaker instead.

jamstik+ w/travel case - $349.99

This was in my Forbes Father's Day gift guide. My husband holds onto his with care.  Learning how to play will still require practice and patience but the app is so fun.  I love it.

The Cinderella Gift Card

So this is for real. $15 for $25 GC- that's like a 40% off coupon!!! This is like Cinderella's Pumpkin Chariot. No matter what, you'll end up with what you started but before midnight, it is something incredible. In this case, midnight is on April 2, 2017.  It will be mailed to the address you put in after check out so you can't use it for B Friday sales but still! 40%! That's an extended pumpkin chariot ride for sure. 

Stocking Stuffers

Did you know that one of the best things about buying at a specialty store is that you have access to the best smaller products.  These products are well curated and if you have a coupon or if they are on sale... well, you are going to have a bunch of stocking stuffers and thoughtful gifts that fit most any occasion.  These things you can give to teachers, principals, bosses, colleagues, as well as friends and family.. oh, and the kids will like them too.

Conectaballs Special Edition Tube Set - $39.99

I never tried these but I'm going to! What is this? Whoa!  Take it apart and make stocking stuffers.  Watch the kids trade pieces.

PlayableART OSM Kinetic Sculpture - Yin-Yang (Black and White) - $7.99

I think this is the coolest fidget in the world but in mathematical terms, it's a tumbling tetrahedron- kind of.. who cares, just tell people and they'll think you are a genius.

Shrinking Paper - $9.99

There aren't a lot of kits with plain shrinky-dink like paper.  I found it once at Michael's and it was so hard afterwards.  Why?  Getting blanks is the best way to go! You can print on it and make any shape you want! It's only $10!  I love this.

The Funtastic Plastic Bubble Maker - $3.99

I played with these when I was a kid.  These were awesome.

Fundapop - $27.99

Surely, there is something that I didn't like, right? Yes, you would be right but out of all the Marbles brand toys and games, I've tried, I only disliked Fundapop, which is an easy raquet throw and catch game.  My kids loved it but I disliked it because that snap noise was just too loud for me. I'm sensitive that way but I think anyone who is playing Fundapop will be happy but those who are sitting nearby may get annoyed.  Either way, the kids like it think about where they'll be playing. Black Friday Deal:  20% off (11/24-11/27)

More Deals:
Sign Up for their newsletter so you can take advantage of the sales and get 10% off your first purchase.

Also, check out their site and look for the deals regarding Black Friday, there will be more than what is listed here.  Oh, one more reason to like them. They let their employees spend Thanksgiving with their families.. the whole day, none of this "Doors open at 5PM" business.

Another 30% Off of Final Sale Stuff.  I love looking through those.. If you have made your free shipping quota then you know.... you gotta sift through. Code: FINAL30OFF      Ends 11/30/16

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