Sunday, March 12, 2017

Top Toys to Watch in 2017

Here are some more details you may want to see before buying from this new list of toys worth watching this year. But first, may I say I admire your adventurist spirit. While I review toys for work, I do hope all of us feel free to just go with our gut sometimes.

Here are some additional photos and purchase links (they support this website) that may help you buy the toys that are already available for sale.

Read the piece at Forbes in case you missed it. 

Things You Can Buy Now:

Look at all these cool things to make with this 3d printer. Only $249! I haven't tested one yet! I am dying to try this out.

Hexbug Battlebots
Modeled after the robot stars of ABC’s show, Battlebots, these bots inspire rough and tumble play without hurting anyone.  You can buy the smaller ones now but you will have to wait for the larger ones later. However this one below seems to be a bit large too.

Gorilla gym
This set is both a toy and a tool for the entire family as it encompasses swings, pull-up bars, rope ladders, trapeze attachments, and even yoga swings.   Watch my swing video here.

Thumb Chucks- $7.99  Will this be the next craze?  Even if it won't be, if your kid takes to it, applaud him, pat him or her on the back.  This is so good for them!

Mad Mattr  - ($12.99)
Clean up is easier than Kinetic Sand.  I promise. You can still make a mess but you have less throw away for sure.   I recommend teal and purple.

Magnaflex $19.99+
I think it's available at Toys R Us right now.  I love throwing them against our magnetic door.

Not yet available....  BOO HOO!

Merge VR- Holocube 

Hero Droid BB-8 by Spin Master will be over 14 inches tall (16"+ if you count the antenna) but won't be out until the latter half of 2017. In the meantime tie yourself over with the Sphero BB-8 with Force Band.

VR Real Feel Racing - sold out when they launched before the holidays last year. Don't miss the boat this year when the launch the new controllers including motocross, mountain biking, fishing, and baseball.

LEGO Boost

I know that you can't purchase this until August but if you just must by a simple LEGO bot, I would try to find temporary satisfaction in a $20 LEGO Creator Robo Explorer set. I like those joints!

Stay tuned as I'll be updating this post more this week!

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