Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Father's Day Gift Guide at Forbes

QUIXO- my kid always kicks my butt with this one.  I hate him. 

This year's line up for Father's Day gift was all about different kinds of dads.  Star Wars dads, tech dads, athletic dads.

Here is the story in case you missed it.

Need help shopping? Here are my Amazon links just for you! If you put it into your cart from my link, I may make a small commish!  Nice!

The MSRP on this book is $50 so if you find it for less, grab it! 

Controlling your child's screen use is no picnic. I have a system and Circle is a HUGE part of my system. My kid was so mad once, he threw it out the window. Yep, that be my kid. And you know what? We had a new one in three days. I can't live without it.

Quoridor is a game that you can play 2 or 4 player.  Very cool game. 

I love that it turns on the light for me as I walk into the house. It's like a welcome light, just for me. 

I think it is okay to have this and a gym membership at the same time. Give Dad choices! 

Alexa, give me a flash briefing, Alexa turn off the lights in my house. Alexa give me a hundred dollars. These headphones are pricey but cool.

It's importantly to be comfortable with probability. Risks and Rewards people!  Risks and Rewards! 

'Tis be the smart car you are looking for... Sphero makes Lightning McQueen a badass on wheels but also full of emotion. 

This is so lightweight but sturdy enough for great fun.  It collapses into a bag too so you can take it anywhere. 

They are stackable and they light up! 

Note: Products were submitted to me for review.  Reviews are never promised. 

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