Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Time Timer Watch PLUS: Be Fearless and Help Yourself

How are those New Year Resolutions coming along? Don't Give Up.  Time Timer Watch Plus Can Help!  photo: Time Timer LLC

WHAT: Time Timer Watch Plus - Adult by Time Timer LLC
DOES:  wearing your reminder gadget means seeing it and seeing it reminds you that you HAVE A GOAL!; model to your children (or your colleagues) that you help yourself too; now don't have to dig through your bag to find your timer app or find out the time.
INVEST:  $74.95 MSRP for sale only at TimeTimer.com  (check out the coupon code below)
AGES: For big kids and grown-ups 
TOOLS: Family Fix-its, Fertilize Responsibility and Courtesy, I Can Take Care of Myself,  
GIVEAWAY: Yes, one person is going to win this beautiful thing! U.S. Addresses only please

When I was a schoolkid, I was kind of shy. I never raised my hand. I never asked for help but there was something even worse that that.  What is worse than not asking for help?  How about - being embarrassed that you even need it.  If you are in that zone, you won't even accept help when it is offered to you.  And guess what, I think I may have passed on this trait to my kids.  Darn!

My style of parenting is impulsive, idea-driven, passionate, and inconsistent..... but I do have good intentions!  I hope that after they grow-up, they will forgive my incompetence and perhaps they will even remember a couple of things I did right.  If so, I think one would be how I showed them that it is okay to need help.  In fact, you can even say that it is courageous to be open about it.

Reminder Gadgets Out in the Open and with Pride?

But it is not easy for this former publicist mom to send this message to my kids. I still grapple with the fact that I can ask for help. I contemplated putting up signs but we have enough signs in our home ("Please walk" and "No feet on the furniture"). Thus, when I found out that the folks at Time Timer released their Time Timer Watch Plus late last year, I was so happy and started wearing it proudly in front of my kids.  The Watch Plus is an excellent way to model how powerful you are when you know how to help yourself and then do it.

I believe it is more than okay to show people that you need reminders.  And the Watch Plus is awesome because you can set it to go off every 90 seconds or 90 minutes or even 90 hours. You only have to set that once and it will do the rest for you.  AND....  You don't have to tell anyone what those reminders are.  Heck, lie if you want, why not?  Say something like, "I'm so busy.  I give myself reminders to look at the time so that I can be more efficient."  That is actually a good reminder to use in real life but if you are using your watch to congratulate yourself every 15 minutes that you didn't raid the snack drawer or to remind yourself to praise your children.... well, the Watch Plus is there for you.  It's your life and that's nobody's business but your own.

Take a look at this video to show how I set my timer.  There are also more directions on YouTube.

In my video above, you'll have heard the vibrating reminder ringing.  But keep in mind that it is close to the camera and so no one's face will be that close to your wrist.  However, I should note that my kids have heard the buzzing and I love how they have asked me questions about it so that we can discuss how mom helps herself.  I also love how they have accepted it as a part of me.  If they are sitting close to me and they hear the buzzing, they no longer pay any attention to it. 

I love this box.  What a great gift idea too!  Give it to yourself first, okay?

You Deserve Variety

I've struggled with weight ever since I was a kid and I remember in my early teen years that I often put up pictures of models on my fridge to tell myself to NOT open the fridge!  Pretty soon, I barely even saw the photo even though it was right next to the handle.(and then I opened the fridge) Thus, I cut out a new picture and would change these more frequently.  That definitely helped (although I am still plump today)

I think we can look at all of our favorite timers and reminder gadgets this way.  They are all a bit different and that is good.  Some you wear on your clothing, some on your wrist, some are in your phone or computer.  There is even a greater variety of timers that stand on your desk or stick to your fridge.  It's all up to you but here is one tip I have:  If you feel like you are ignoring your timer then put your timer away and use another one for a while.  Interchanging your reminder gadgets can be very helpful!  In the case of the watch, take it off and let it vibrate on the table for a while or maybe you can try to wear it on your other wrist.  It's up to you.  You know yourself best.

And you can read it in the dark!

Tough and Useful For Busy Parents of Busy Kids
Wearing a watch again feels good but it doesn't replace all the reminders I have in my phone.  The Watch Plus has only one alarm.  While I wish it had more, I do appreciate the simplicity of the watch.  If it has too many functions then it can be overwhelming and/or overused.  Our phones are overused for sure and  I barely use all the apps I have on it. Still, I will share with you the "Toys are Tools' Dream Watch Reminder Plus Infinity" idea.... here goes.... create an app that links to a watch where you can program your watch to deliver messages to you or your kid with messages like:
  • "You can do anything if you set your mind to it." 8:30 AM
  • "Pill Time!" 7:00 PM
  • "Have you done your daily walk yet?" 12:30 PM
  • "Remember to pack your homework before you leave the classroom"  2:15 PM
  • "Even if you make one million mistakes, I will always love you.- Mama"  1:00 PM
Why not just use a phone?  In school, it's unacceptable.  Socially, it's a bit rude to look at your phone when you are with others. Also, if you lose your phone, forget to charge it, or forgot it at home, it's all over.

Use it as a watch, a timer, recurring timer, and an alarm clock!  Bands are also replaceable.

In my photos, you will see that my watch has scuff marks.  I am not very rough but I can be klutzy. However, the Time Timer has been consistently "alive" for me.  I've even gotten it a little wet because let's face it: Many of us are not used to wearing watches anymore.  I have honestly developed sensory over-responsiveness around my wrists because I don't think I've even worn a bracelet since I became a mother.

However, I have figured out a way to wear my watch without feeling too weird by pushing it past my wrist.  That helps when I'm typing.  But one of the biggest perks about wearing a watch is that you don't have to search for your device in your bag to know what time it is!  I can't tell you how great that is.  We are back to the good ol' days with a modern twist.  Those are always the theme of many our greatest inventions.  I love my new watch!

The babies are here! How cute are they?  I can't wait for my son to try this out! photo: Time Timer
Now it's time to win your own Time Timer Watch Plus!!! I really want to hear your thoughts about a dream reminder system. I for one would like to see our family schedule updated automatically with my calendar and transmitted via a separate screen on my wall somewhere in my house.  The screensaver can be a favorite painting. The future might be closer than you think.  Ends: 2/5/13

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AND for this item, I've been told that it's FREE SHIPPING.... woo hoo!!!

If you are looking for a regular Time Timer, here is a link to my favorite 8" Time Timer.  If you are going for this timer, please use my Amazon link and support Toys are Tools.

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools has not been compensated in any way by the manufacturer of this product.  The product was sent to the tester in order to facilitate a review. Reviews are never promised.



  1. That is the most A.W.ES.O.M.E. watch ever. I love watches... so much that Hilary bought me a watch box to store them all in for Christmas. But this one... to have the ability to have a built in timer is excellent. I'm working on getting in shape and often have to find a timer on line when I'm doing exercises. With this, I would have one with me all the time! And it's funky looking, like a good watch should be.

  2. My ideal reminder system would allow me to link up all of my calendars (school, work, home) into one central place that could be accessed from any computer and would send updates to my watch (since I don't own a cell phone or tablet or other fancy stuff).

  3. The watch plus looks great. I think I would use it for giving presentations at work. I tend to talk too long....

  4. To keep track of myself and be productive, I try lots of different things. My phone helps but nothing is 100 percent. I am trying out Evernote right now. It has been helping.

  5. i like the look, and i love the concept. looks awesome. however, i wonder if i would be able to go back to wearing a watch after so many years... i feel like it would get in the way? one of my nephews would go crazy for this, for sure.

  6. i use an old fashioned diary (moleskin brand) to keep track of my schedule. i use a real pen and everything. i love it. :)
    I also use the calendar on my laptop and my phone. i used to rely on my brain much more, but it's not working so well anymore...

  7. It would be nice to have something reliable! I usually just stick to a paper list written by me.

  8. I could find this to even be useful in my workouts, timing my workouts ect.