Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Readers Have Spoken: Sifteo is This Year's Favorite!

Is this a video game trying to make math fun or is this just a game that uses math to have fun? I would definitely say the latter.

I can't say that I'm surprised.  Thank you to the readers for voicing your opinions on these fabulous toys and games.    The new Sifteo cubes definitely did get the most reader votes but I must say that every toy and game featured on the Best of 2012 list received a reader's vote.

Other popular toys that received a good share of the votes were Plus Plus, Q-bitz, and the Z-Curve Bow.  I thought that was fantastic.  They are very different from each other but all involved using fine motor and visual motor skills... much like what Sifteo cubes encourage kids to do.

"That's not a word!" But according to Merriam-Webster, foin means to thrust with a pointed weapon.  Oh Gee, I wonder who enjoyed learning that new word!  Learning is serendipitous in the game: Word Caravan.

What does this mean?  I think it means that while we all have diverse tastes, we all share the common interest in wanting the best for our kids, not the latest fad, not the most expensive, ... no we just want good stuff because like my son's principal always says- Childhood is a one-time event.   These years are precious.

Thank you also to Sifteo for making these amazing cubes.  It's so nice when I show them to someone and they just sort of get it.  They don't know what games are there yet but upon showing them, it's so obvious that we all must find out what we can do with them.  For any of you who is interested, Sifteo is running a design-and-create competition that involves and internship and getting a free set of cubes.  If you know what the letters SDK stand for then maybe you should click here to read more.

But even if you don't, click anyway and show your kids the video below. If you think they are heading towards a STEM career then show them what being on a creative tech team looks like in 2013.  The music is good. Bright sunshine lights up their offices.  It's a nice depiction of how work after you finish your schooling could be fun and the unpredictability will truly be a blessing.

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AND Congratulations to Jenny for winning the $50 Amazon Gift Card.  I hope she didn't spend it on toys!

Until next year.....

Disclosure: Toys are Tools was not paid by any party to publish this story.  Readers voted via the website and thru Rafflecopter.  Sifteo has been submitted for review to facilitate publication.  Reviews are never promised.

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