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Review: The Best Cheap Tablet Cases for Kids

It's always better to play comfortably so getting a good tablet cover can help add to the fun.

WHAT: Tablet covers ... almost all under $20........ covering our favorite Android, iOS, and Windows tablets that are great for kids!

While doing the big story on tablets for Quartz, we ended up buying a lot of tablet covers.  Here's what we found....
  The favorite so far.....
Bobj Rugged Case  $21.95

So far I like this the most- I ended up buying an ASUS MeMO Pad ME 176C for my little guy and so I got this case for him. I found out about it because my tester who tested the ASUS MeMO Pad for my story at Quartz on kids' tablets, said this was the only one for kids that he could find for that tablet. It's not the thickest but it does feel rather durable without too much bulk.  I see that they make a case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK 7 and one for iPad mini too.
This is our iPad mini cover.  You can see its raised edge which helps provide protection. So far, I have decided not to put a screen cover on.

Amazon FreeTime Kid-Proof Case for Fire HD 6 $24.99 
 If you purchase the kids version of the Fire HD 6  then you'll get this case automatically.  We really liked this case. It had the effect of making the tablet feel lighter with it on than with it off. Weird, huh? The foam is just really easily grippable. If you look closely at this photo, you can see how the frame is raised high so that the screen sinks down to be better protected. And this thing is THICK!  I wish all of our covers were made this way. You can easily remove this one although the Fire HD6 does not support OSMO.


iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for 10.1" ASUS Transformer Book T100 series 2-in-1 ultraportable laptop (SSD Version Only) $19.99

Getting a cover for the ASUS Transformer T100TA is hard.  You have to find something that can stay on whether or not, you take the tablet off the keyboard dock. When kids take the tablet off the dock, YOU WILL WANT PROTECTION.  When it is docked, no one will care. Most covers were leather which isn't great for kids. I hope more tablet cover makers will see that the ASUS Transformer T100TA is a great product for kids.  For now, the iPearl one is the best we could find.  The bottom piece to cover the dock goes unused.

Anitoon Amplifier Speaker Case Cover  $16.99 + $2.85 shipping

I bought this one for one of our iPad minis - just to try it out. What is interesting to note is that it looks chunky but it is rather hollow inside.  However, it's not totally hollow.   The inside is actually partially filled with more silicone so that there is a silicone skeleton inside that will further support any falls. 

I am not sure if it is better than being totally solid. This is silicone and not foam rubber.  Either way, the "speakers" actually amplifies sounds! The stand in the back it totally removable (it's somewhere in this house) and is difficult to manage so don't buy it if you want the stand. I don't even know where mine is. Still, I like the feel of this silicone. It's not slippery but it is still soft.  Best of all, it is very easily removed for games like OSMO.

If you have an iPad... and want super protection.Otterbox Defender Series $49 and up-prices vary. It looks like this color is on sale. 

I used to use Otterbox and found it to be very protective. The only reason I don't use the Defender series anymore is because of OSMO.  I want my kids to be able to take the cover off easily.  But if that is not an issue for you and you have $500 worth of hardware that you would like to keep in tact then the Otterbox is your friend.  Comes with a stand too.

Thankscase Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Wallet Rotating Case & Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Case with a Bonus Screen Protector $15.99


I bought this one thinking that I was going to save a little money for our Samsung Galaxy Tab 4  7" because it came with a screen protector (peel off, stick on) but of course, my son removed it.  He doesn't like the folio style,wallet style, whatever you call it...  But honestly, this case does what it supposed to do. I do use the stand sometimes.  It is just not very appealing to kids. He really wants a Bobj cover for this one. 

IVSO Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B32CN / B64CN 8.0-inch Ultra-Thin High Quality Bluetooth Keyboard Portfolio Case - DETACHABLE Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case $39.90

It is very hard to find keyboard case to fit the Toshiba Encore 2 8" tablet and suit kids' tastes. All I could do was get this black one but the good part is ... it works!  Just make sure your tablet and keyboard is charged!  This Windows tablet is going for $120 right now.  If you are looking for a "first computer" this combo is nifty.  I like small keyboards for young children. My 7 year old loves this combination. There is no USB port for a mouse so you'll have to buy one or buy a Bluetooth mouse. We found this one Windows Bluetooth Mouse ($20) below. It is excellent!

iPad Mini Silicone Plastc Kid Proof Extreme Duty Dual Protective Back Cover with Kickstand $19.99

I just bought the iPad mini Bobj case to replace this case because it was protective but doesn't allow for easy removal.  Also, you don't want to play with the screen cover too much as you don't want it to bend. Kickstand is weak but at least there is one.  Kids may remove and lose it so beware. Overall good protection but it is no Otterbox. The cover for the camera hole is something you'll want to tear off.  If you plan on removing cover often, do not get this. In terms of looks though... it's kind of cool-looking. My boys liked the look. Lastly, there is a 3M sticker included but I have no idea what it is supposed to be used for.

Intsun Shockproof Silicone Case $14.99   

I haven't purchased these yet but I like the idea of this design because there is little space on tablets for fingers now. Having a good grip is both important for comfort and security as well. The price is nice but of equal importance, this is a cover that appears to be easily removable and for some toys like OSMO you want to provide that unfettered access. For toys like Tiggly, screen protectors can cramp your style too and this case doesn't require one.

Snugg Shock, Drop & Kid Proof Blue iPad Mini $24.99
I didn't buy this one but I like handles. I like them more than stands.  I find that very active kids don't want to sit and watch something.  They like to hold and watch something.  I also like this photo because it sort of shows you how the handles would fit with a child.  I wonder if the design promoted two hand holding....hmmm....

Things to consider...
  • Your kid might nag about the design forever and ever so be careful if you are choosing without him. 
  • If you plan on removing often, don't buy the ones with protective shields (2-3 pieces making up the cover) because it is a total pain.
  • If considering stands, think about how often it will be used and where. You may not need it for a kid.
  • If you are buying a "cheaper version of the real thing" then be prepared for possible disappointment.  There are so many "shockproof" covers out there but clearly, they can't all be equally shockproof.
  • Weight- will it bother you more or your child?  Weight for kids is good, I thinkLess tendency to drop....  However, will you be the one to lug around a tablet with a heavy Otterbox case?  You may not want to...  

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools was not compensated by the manufacturers of anything mentioned here for the publication of this review.  Almost all of the reviewed items were purchased by me. Reviews are never promised irregardless.

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