Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BUSY BOX TOOL: Fifteen Puzzle by Think Fun

photo courtesy: Think Fun

BUSY BOX TOOL (click for The Busy Box Idea HERE)
WHAT: Fifteen Puzzle by Think Fun
DOES:  An Excellent Busy Box Tool
INVEST: $9.99 or more/less depending on the retailer.
TOOLS: Family Fix-it, Social Scene Helper (when you are required to wait quietly), Express Yourself (make your own patterns), Think Like a Scientist/Engineer (move with your eyes first)

Don't let the small size of this puzzle fool you.  The Fifteen Puzzle requires a bit of patience but it is  definitely doable.  As this puzzle is quite a classic, the Fifteen Puzzle cool enough to be your favorite for a long time but when you are done with it, you need not give it away.  You can put it in the Busy Box!

Number 1 can arrange the numbers in order from 1 to 15.  So can I. You can actually try different combinations such as going from 15 to 1, doing all even numbers, or doing all odd numbers first.  A little sheet of 31 different puzzle challenges fits in the sturdy pouch that holds your puzzle.

Additionally, this puzzle is made of metal and so it's just heavy enough that you WON'T lose it but is not a huge weight in your purse or in their pocket.   From a sensory perspective, I like the clinky sounds you get as you slide the pieces.  The cool metal also is great to the touch.  It sort of calms you down which is huge if you think about the task at hand: waiting.   Waiting is the hard for everyone.

The Fifteen Puzzle is a permanent resident of our Busy Box.  It barely takes up any space but the red, white, and silver makes it noticeable.  That's what you want- a productive distraction!  If my kids don't see it for a while, it is because it is in my bag for the days I challenge myself not to look at my cell phone on the subway.

You can get your own Fifteen Puzzle today!

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