Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prang Chalk: The Bolder the Better

These colors really stand out! 

WHAT: PRANG Hygeia Assorted Chalk
DOES:  Brilliant colors of chalk really stand out; words and pictures are clear.
INVEST: $ 0.99 and up depending on the retailer  (I found them at Staples for $0.99!)
TOOLS: Express Yourself, My Body Needs to Move (your body is likely not sitting when you use chalk)

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I love this chalk. I found out about them as I was looking at Magnamagic's website. This is the chalk they recommend and have available for sale to their customers.

The colors of Prang chalk are radiant and bold.  You can say that it adds a touch of brilliance to whatever you are creating.   Additionally, it is less dusty that the other chalks I've tried.  It is now the only chalk I will buy for our magnetic wall (although I am now curious about liquid chalk).

Here are my favorite chalk pictures using Prang Chalk:

Not only do our Tegu blocks keep surprising us but when I asked my son what he thought this picture meant, he actually referred to a time when he roasted marshmallows with a friend and burned his marshmallows despite the warnings we gave him.

Vibrant colors can take old classics and instantly make them new stars. My kids played this within minutes after I put this up.  I didn't tell them to play it.  But look at it, how can you not want to play, even just a little bit?

I just love this picture.  I need to post it again.

There isn't a giveaway for the chalk but there certainly is one for the neodymium magnets in the Chutes and Ladders game above!    Go to this link to find our more to win your own set of Neodymium Magnets- 4 winnners total! 

Not all chalks are created equal.   When you have such vibrant colors, everything you create just looks bolder and more beautiful.  It really does make a difference. 

Guest stars on the Prang Show include:

Tegu Blocks and Wheels, read about them here, and here.
Chutes and Ladders game
Roylco Straws and Connectors 

Click photo to buy online through our link. 

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  1. Will get this for sure! Tyler refuses the "girl colored chalk" which means I have to get rid of half the package of regular chalk...

    Your boys are amazing artists now!

  2.  oh wait just one minute...  i drew these drawings on the wall.  although i think my oldest son might be able to draw the campfire, 'twas me. 

    their drawings are in previous posts about the magnetic chalkboard wall.  Seriously, though... this chalk is beautiful. 

  3. I want to know when you have so much time to play!?! Your family has so much good play time, learning time, and family time going on! So much fun!

  4. 3.99 at Amazon. Thanks for the Staples suggestion!

  5. This one caught my eye this mornigna s I scanned your old posts becasue we do a lot of cchalk stuff in the good weather - many jumping and finding games for early elarning skills out on the wlakway, plus traiditonal drawing, rain painting, etc.  I'll have to try this brand.