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Review & Giveaway: Double Shutter: The Anatomy of an Addictive Game

Just as in life, you can't control the hand you've been dealt but you can control the decisions you make.   Double Shutter is totally AWESOME!

WHAT: Double Shutter by Blue Orange Games
DOES: an educational game that gives practice in risk analysis, encourages you to leave as many possibilities open so you can keep on playing, less confrontational than other games and yet still competitive, can be played solo and with friends
Lose and Win Gracefully, Math is Everywhere (new), Social Scene Helper
AGES: 8+  (kids as young as 5 have enjoyed this game, need to understand basic addition though)
EXPERT OPINION: Kerry Kappell, Gold Life Master, Certified Bridge Director, ACBL Accredited Bridge Teacher, Manhattan Bridge Club

What makes a game addictive?  Is it different for everyone or is there a certain element that strikes a chord with the majority of people?  If so, what could that element be?

The two and the three could come in handy later so I decide to opt for taking the five instead.  I'm not sure if that is the best strategy but I'm still learning. If I roll a number that I can't equate with the unflipped tiles, it's game over for me. 

This time, to gain expert insight, I thought I'd ask a game coach to help me.  While I usually talk with teachers and psychologists about skills and real-life applications, I've never talked to a professional that makes games his life and sees dozens of people each day who are doing nothing but playing games, watching them laugh in delight or fall into depression because they've lost.  

Game coaches not only know how to help players improve, they also understand what motivates them. Thus I asked Kerry Kappell, a former financial analyst-turned-Bridge Director and Instructor at the Manhattan Bridge Club for his counsel.   Kerry is an awesome instructor who spends his days coaching students to play this popular but very complex game.  On the academic front, Bridge is also climbing its way towards the status of chess as both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have even donated funds to establishing Bridge programs in schools.  So if anyone is going to know about what makes a game educational and even addictive, it's Kerry.   And what did Kerry think about Double Shutter?

You can TRY before you BUY!!???  Click on this picture to play!  Remember the real thing is MUCH more fun but beware, do not play this if you have to be somewhere else in five minutes, you will be late.  I guarantee that!    source:

Varied Outcomes Will Always Keep Your Attention

"I love it," Kerry said.   He first played it on Blue Orange Games' website and didn't stop playing it until he won.   I asked Kerry why this game is so addictive and he had an answer for me immediately.

"It doesn't give you the same results every time.  That's key to keeping your attention."  A-ha!  No wonder Number 1 Son loves this game so much.   He pretty much refuses to suffer through anything that only mildly excites him so when I saw him starting to salivate over Double Shutter, I knew we had a winner.

Kerry said that any game that varies the outcome will trigger our interest.  As an example, he talked about something that many of us are thinking of this time of the year: the annual bonus.  He said that if you were to receive the same amount every year, the bonus would lose its effect, "You'd come to expect it and then you might not work as hard."   

Kerry thinks that it is wise to let the children figure out the strategies by themselves, through trial-and-error learning.  I think that is really wise but if you watch this video, you will see that I am not that patient myself (but hey, the kid's only five and he just needed a little tip..... so hopefully, I didn't ruin it too much)

This got me thinking. How can a person expect to become good at a game with such variable outcomes?  Doesn't that mean it's all about chance and not about skill?  With Double Shutter, Kerry didn't think so.

Keeping Your Options Open Forces You to Think Ahead

"You could never win it all the time," he explained however, "You could certainly get better at picking up tricks as you play it."

He said that the first objective with Double Shutter was to keep yourself as open to as many different possibilities as you can.   OOH!   It's all probability!  No wonder my husband is hooked.  For years he used to spend his entire day making "bets" on the floor of the American Stock Exchange.   Whenever, we play games with high probability components, like Yamslam, another Blue Orange favorite, my husband forgets his dad role, firmly plants his butt next to his kids, and gets ready to knock out anyone in his path.

On our first day out after Hurricane Sandy, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant and there is nothing like a modern version of a 17th century French game to keep you busy while you wait for a hot steaming bowl of noodles. 

Practicing your skills in probability will help your child keep as many options open as possible because you need that to keep on playing as long as you can- the longer you play, the more tiles you flip down, and if you flip down a lot, you'll likely come out ahead.  As an example, he told me that when we roll the dice, "Two (1+1=2) will only come up 1 out of 36 times but seven comes up much more often."  (6+1=7; 4+3+7; 5+2=7; 1+2+4=7) Thus, keeping those middle numbers (3,4,5,6) might keep you in the game longer.

Losing Gracefully to Lady Chance

Kerry also pointed out the similarities between Double Shutter and Bridge in that it engages people because of the random rewards it offers.  "Because no matter how good you are, you can't win all the time." It's funny how kids know this and they don't get upset when they lose. Even for the sorest of losers like me and Number 2 son, we just laugh when we lose at Double Shutter.   It's still fun because we still do some strategic thinking as we try our luck with Lady Chance. The same can't be said for games like chess.  If someone is better than you, Kerry reminded me, you will be beat.  Games like Double Shutter allows for non-veterans to have a fighting chance at winning.

I love how a person can stay focused onto another person's round.  It's a bit relaxing to play an entire round by yourself. but you are still in a "group" because you are both looking at the same game board.  

Math Games are Very Social!

Some kids get anxious at games.  I know I do.  When I am playing a game and it is not fast-paced enough, my mind wanders.  However, with this game, you don't really get that.  First, you play your round by yourself.  If you don't end up "shutting the super box," as most people won't, you will just tally up your score.  However, I find that even the most inattentive kids will pay attention as his opponents play, they will imagine which numbers they would be knocking down even if someone else is playing.

During this time, there is little room for social anxiety because the players are all looking at the game and not each other.  As soon as one person is done, and the box gets passed to the next player but everyone's eyes will still be focused on the game.  It's like the way video games are socially easier, everyone is looking at the same screen and not at each other.

Travel Friendly! Numbers 1 and 2 get one last game in before Double Shutter gets dropped off at Number 5's house.  That week after devastating Hurricane Sandy, school was canceled five days in a row.  We all needed some good games to help us cope.

There is also no room for cheating and there is no room for grey areas.  Some kids really want things to be black and white and I find that those kids are usually good at math!  There is only one correct answer and that is a relief to them. 

Speaking of math, I have to thank the good people at Blue Orange Games for igniting a math spark in my youngest son.  THANK YOU!!!  He has always liked his numbers but both Yamslam and Double Shutter have uncovered a new level of excitement to explore math and challenge himself.   I'm not saying that he's excellent because of the game but I'm certain the game had much to do with his positive attitude towards arithmetic.  Additionally, Number 5, a nine-year old who just came home last week with the highest score in her class in math, (HURRAH!) has surprisingly never been crazy about math.  However, a few weeks ago, she started playing Double Shutter with her friends and family.  Her question at the end of several rounds?  "Aw dang, how come there's no subtraction?"

Those kind of complaints are all the thank you a parent needs when buying an educational game for their kids.  Am I right or am I right?

Now you can win your own Double Shutter!   
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  1. I'm getting kind of addicted to math games as a teaching tool, and this one looks like a perfect addition! Thanks for the review. :)

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  3. I'm trying to use games like this to get my kids excited about math!

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  8. I love the idea that the kids are getting math without realizing it, and in that way, will develop a familiarity with numbers and probability that will help them in life. This one goes on my list!

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  10. Goodie! Maybe a way my son will like to do math.
    Black Friday? I shop online, you usually can get the same deal.
    Just not leaving your house.
    Less Stress Is Best!!!! :)

  11. I had never seen this game and when I first saw the review, my immediate reaction was that it was for little kids. Then I read the review and thought, well, maybe not. Then I played and I'm hooked!!

  12. I will not shop in stores on Black Friday. Too much competition, too many lines, and honestly, the stores with all those big sales don't usually have what I would be looking for. Cyber Monday...if there were a good sale on something I wanted, I could be persuaded.

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  21. Oh, I need to put pin buttons in there. I am so sorry about that. But there is an Facebook button here. Right after the synopsis and at the end of the review. Thanks!

  22. I believe that we have all seen it somewhere. I really do. But the tin design is a bit retro and the red and yellow are a classic combo design, toys these days seem to sport the color chartreuse. After I played Double Shutter, I realized that they were everywhere. In my neighborhood, they sell it at Michael's. In my neighborhood Toys R Us, they sell Yamslam too! I've definitely seen Double Shutter in specialty toy stores. Once you fall in love with a Blue Orange games, the other games seem to start catching your eyes. That's what it did for us!

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