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World Maker Faire 2013 Pt. 2- 'Til Next Year

To my son, this is what Heaven looks like- Check out Vex Robotics

World MAKER FAIRE 2013
Pt 2: Can't Wait 'Til Next Year!

DOES: Inspires the maker in all of us while you eat the best food in the world
INVEST:  too late to pay this year, try again next year
I saw little babies there but I am assuming they didn't make anything.
TOOLS: Think Like a Scientist/Engineer, Express Yourself, I Can Take Care of Myself

All these kids from awesome schools came to show the world their hard work.  My son hung around these guys like a Duran Duran groupie.  I told him that I would let him stay as long as he asked them one thing. "How do you get into your school?"  Thanks to the young scientists from Xaverian High School and the Bronx High School of Science.
New York City College of Technology - I didn't know about this school.  It's a public university.

My son and his buddy loved watching the Go Kart race.  photo: Maker Faire
Wow, looks like an ice sculpture, doesn't it? Of course, it's by you know who....
Cardboard plane from Makers Toolbox
wooden version.  #1 says he would go with the wood version. Since they aren't supposed to fly, I think that's a better choice.
I think these are so adorable.

These are called Creatables.  Can't find their Maker Faire page yet.
This is an umbrella using the Creatables linkers. Why is he putting it to his mouth. That's my kid.
pull the string and it becomes a totally different shape

Have I ever heard of Zazzle or is it so catchy a name that I feel like I've heard of it.  Either way, this is where you want to be a designer without having to know how to make anything.  I would like to have a skateboard that doesn't have a skull on it (really hard to do that, ya know?)
Thank you Zazzle for letting him make buttons.  I think he made five of them.
My son loved these- Quadrilla music makers

It made great music and then a little girl passed by and her tu-tu knocked his whole Quadrilla Musical Creation down.
Everyone, meet ModiBot.  He's new and he wants you to help him get himself together.
Cancer, Sagittarius, and Scorpio -all rolled into one.  I love the chartreuse color.
My son begged and begged me to buy him one but he's gonna have to earn this guy(s).
I am glad that there is a place for women in ModiBot's world.
I like the orange. I really like the monochromatic component here.  You can see what the structure and then the add-ons have so much more meaning.
Okay, so if others can make toys, maybe my kid can too?  Blockify says YES!
Design your own blocks and then print it! Imagine if your kid invented the next building block to surpass the legendary LEGO.
This is PLY90.  You get the wood and this magic corner maker does the rest. Make anything.
Got this photo from PLY90 website.  Kids can totally do this. Did I hear someone say "clubhouse"?
My pictures didn't do PLY90 justice so I snagged this photo too.  Want PLY 90 now, don't you?

Finally got a chance to see Roominate up close.  My son played with them.  I think he even asked someone when they will come out with boy stuff. Sadly, the inventors were giving a lecture at the time.  Hope I get to find out. Listen up, I'm going to make a prediction...... Roominate will be the first girl toy to come out with a boys' version. What do you think?  Usually, it's the other way around, right?

Also, check out the video below. I love their motor and wires.  It looks so.... how should I say it Not-Easily-Breakable. I could have sworn it even spoke to my son: "I'm durable and so your mother doesn't have to flip out because she thinks you might break it since you've broken SO many things." Ooh, have I said too much?

Roken Rollers- The new Rokenbok blocks are way easier to connect and disconnect.  Best geared for preschoolers.  At the booth, I didn't get to meet a professor from Columbia who studies play and learning but I'm hoping he'll call me. Can't wait to talk to him!
I would love nothing more for my son to be able to go beyond just breaking his toys.  His last hexbug didn't survive for more than a couple of weeks but I'm not sure how much he learned.  Wish Maker Faire was here for another day.
Cubelets are cool as ever.
This man had infinite patience with my son.  But he lit a spark in him.
And spark caused a fire that spread all the way to my wallet. Ooh, I told myself I wouldn't buy anything this year but I failed on that (twice including Twiddler)
Thank you Tinkersphere for selling the coolest toys ever!  I am coming to visit but for the sake of my marriage, I must leave my wallet at home.
I would like to see more of Bob the Biped next year.

What my son didn't get to see and I wish he did:
Thanks to Pixel Academy who had been teaching kids how to use Craft Studio (inside NYSCI Village).  I think I may have finally found my happy medium between me and my son about Minecraft.
Here is a coupon they shared with me (and you!).

What I didn't get to see and am really really bummed out about:

DNA Makers via LEGO and other stuff.
Everyone knows how much I think chopsticks are supreme fine motor strengtheners.
ChopsticKing looks like so much fun.  I have to say that I think I'm pretty good with chopsticks and so I would have loved to try this out.  Bummer! It's totally wired and so it takes score for you too! 

Chopsticking from it's christinith on Vimeo.

Looking forward to next year....
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Jenn, is some of this stuff for sale?  Yeah! It is!

Check out the cool store Tinkersphere.  You can purchase online too. I love the way they've organized their online store.  Very easy to navigate and their expertise in this field really stands out.

Also check out the MakerShed

Each site will likely sell their products on their site too.

I did a little hunting on Amazon for you as well. If you buy from here, use my links.  Place in your shopping cart before logging out if you're undecided.  Amazon is mean to me that way. 

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools was not compensated by the manufacturer for the publication of this review. 


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