Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review + Giveaway + FREE SHIP Code: LOCK LACES: Because You Have Bigger Fish to Fry

INVENTOR: Eric Jackson
DOES: gives you freedom from the tyranny of shoelace-tying instruction or service, especially in the AM. 
INVEST:  $7.99  (have free ship code for you!!!!!!!!!!!!)
if they can lock them or you can lock it for them, then they can wear them.Usually my kids don't unlock them, they just slip off or wiggle out of their sneakers instead.
TOOLS: I Can Take Care of Myself- Morning sanity is one giant step closer to reality!

I happen to know of a certain toy tester and elementary school student (I won't name names) who hates tying his shoes that he has pretty much given up.  Despite this student's age, he has no problems asking his father to tie his shoes.  He doesn't ask me because, I will just tell him to tie it himself, even it takes ten minutes.

Thinking back to my review of Disruptus, I was reminded about how I need to stop complaining about the same ridiculous problem over and over again. So I started looking for LOCK LACES.

I had known about these awesome NO-TIE shoelaces so why hadn't I bought LOCK LACES already?  Another savvy mom had told me about them a year ago! (Thank you Rachel, you know everything). Sadly, at that time, I couldn't buy it online because I am allergic to shipping fees and couldn't get the color I wanted in a nearby store so I forgot all about it.  I also decided that I would focus on shoe-lace tying since my child had shown enthusiasm for ThinkFun's Knot So Fast game.



I think it's safer to tuck these guys in.  I never wear sneakers but I'm told that some sneakers have little pockets for laces.  Wow, the world smiles on us today.

I did a decent job with this shoe even though it's a little long but I kind of messed up on my older son's shoes (forgot to lace it on the "tongue" part of the sneaker.  LOCKLACES told me that they will help out first-timers when this happens- isn't that great?  I think that is an incentive to buy direct from them. 

Release the Baggage that Weighs You Down

But eventually as your kid grows up, you both start to realize that there are less and less velcro sneakers available and the styles seem to matter more and more. (And yet, they don't remember how troublesome it is to tie their shoes when whining for those Neon Nikes!

So I did the Buddha Board thing and I learned to let go.  Letting go is different from "giving up."  Basically, I only decided to give up on my teaching method.  Teaching kids shoelace-tying is not a bad thing but if it's difficult then hey, must we really do it in the early morning when no one in the house hasn't fully collected themselves yet?

LOCK LACES recognized the learning curve to Lock Lacing up your shoes for the first time, but really, it's so simple.  Don't be impatient like me and watch the video before lacing it on.

So Many Bigger Fish to Be Fried

So I let it go and bought my kids LOCK LACES. When I showed it to them, they rejoiced like I said "no homework today" (as if I had this power).  They have been wearing Keens every summer now and so using LOCK LACES is not wholly different EXCEPT.....

I can put them on any sneaker I want forever and ever and ever and ever. (meaning: one new pair of laces for every new pair of shoes)... If you think about it, LOCK LACES are safer too because we've all stepped on our own or someone else's shoelaces at one point. They do come undone, especially on the kids because they run so much.  My kid reports that they are also more comfortable. I suppose they stretch along with the rest of their sneaker.

Additionally, as I said in the title of this review, I have bigger fish to fry.  Evidence of bigger fish include but are not limited to: 
  • missing lunch and breakfast and sleep
  • not showering until 2 PM
  • emails and/or phone calls everyday to teachers or therapists or bus people
  • seeing that I made a whole pot of coffee and didn't even drink it and now the kids are back from school
  • not needing an alarm clock in nine years


How cool is this, you can pick your faves and it doesn't cost more.  This is why it is good to buy direct from LOCK LACES

However, truth be told, I want to say that tying shoelaces may not be important but being able to tie an easily untie-able knot is a pretty decent skill to have (one loop or two- I don't care). Strings are still a part of our lives and strings and ropes are amazing and sometimes life-saving tools. It's also superfun if you are just doing pretend play with cardboard or arts and crafts! 

So if you are feeling guilty about getting the LOCK LACES, please don't!  Don't ever! We are raising children who expect everything to be faster and more efficient because that is just the way things are now. (My child even complained about voice recognition software yesterday- isn't that outrageous?)  Besides, you can still teach them shoelace-tying and I have a really fun and cheap and maybe even effective method to share with you!!! Watch my video!

One more thing... Since we were just talking Maker Faire on Monday and Sunday....  LOCK LACES is an amazing invention patented by Eric Jackson pictured at the left below.  LOCK LACES are now being brought to the world by Louisa Eyler, a social worker, college professor, and single mother of a child with autism. When she found out about LOCK LACES, she became deeply involved and even started her own company to grow the LOCK LACES brand. I can certainly relate now that I'm an owner of a pair myself.  I have even joined her in her quest as I signed up to be an affiliate the day after I got my kids' laces in the mail. LOCK LACES, may you grace each and every one of our sneakers forever and ever and ever.

Inventor Eric Jackson has no problem tying his shoes but he disliked that they always came undone. He tried some stretchy bungee type string and that came undone too.  However, he realized that the new string was much more comfortable and hence Lock Laces were born. 

And now try winning your own three pack of LOCK LACES!!! 
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Buy LockLaces and be free of shoelace tying forever!!!

Here are my links for purchase if you would like to have a go at it.  If you want free shipping, make sure you use the coupon code: TOYSARETOOLS only at (discount applied at checkout).

If you find it cheaper anywhere, I'd love to know but I haven't found such a deal and I always want the most updated product and I like the choices that buying direct from LOCKLACES gives to customers.  (Trust me, these words are from a person who has all but memorized Amazon's stuff)

It's good until 10/2/13
Isn't this one adorable? There are so many colors! $7.99

Get a 3 pack (3 pairs total) for $19.99   OR make your own for the same price. Isn't that so nice of them?
You can choose five pairs in any color for only 29.99.  That's $10 off!

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools was not compensated by the manufacturer for the publication of this review.  The reviewed items were purchased by yours truly. Thanks to Lock Laces for contributing the 3 pack for a prize for one of our readers and thanks for free ship code.  That is unbelievable.   

True Story: Guess what? After trying on a pair of Lock Laces on my kid, I got in touch with Lock Laces THE NEXT DAY and signed up to be an affiliate.  This means, I will get a commission when you buy through my link at no additional cost to you.  You can help Toys are Tools by buying shoelaces for your kid.  I like that kind of help. I am pretty choosy when it comes to partnering up with others. If their product helps you then it's a double-win for me! You will love them!



  1. my son (age 5) has very big feet, and it's getting hard to find velcro styles he likes... While he loves tying strings into knots, he can't tie a bow - I am so happy to try these! Plus I love your perspective on the fact that sometimes it is ok to make their life easier. :)

  2. We will soon be trying to teach our 5 yr old how to tie his shoes. Even when I double knot them, they still end up coming undone. He is on the spectrum & this would definitely help him in learning to become more independent.

  3. I'm tired of feeling guilty that my soon to be 8 yr old son is not good at tying shoes. There are so few Velcro close shoes in his size. His sister reminds him weekly that when he gets to 3rd grade next year the teachers won't tie his shoes.He feels so bad about this he doesn't even want to practice. So glad to learn about this!!! I'd love to win this but if not I will be buying them right away! Thanks for enlightening me!

  4. Our 4 year old insists on wearing shoes with shoelaces to be like his big brother but he gets so frustrated because he can't tie the laces. It's a daily battle with him because he insists on doing everything by himself and has tantrums when he can't. We have tried curly laces but they weren't easy to use and he just didn't like the idea of them. When I shared your post with my husband his response was "Hallelujah" and he asked that we order a bunch.

  5. My son has improved in his shoe tying (thank you occupational therapy) but it is still a challenge at times and sometimes it's just that he's lazy. I have long wanted to try these!!

  6. Favorite MakerFaire items? Probably the robots, but really EVERYTHING. My son would love it. Wish it would come here to Nola.

  7. We ordered the Lock Laces and what a difference they make in getting out of the house! My husband's response to them is "Hallelujah!" since he brings the kids to the bus/school the morning routine just got so much easier with less frustration and tantrums. Thanks for the review. We would never have heard of Lock Laces without you!