Saturday, September 21, 2013

World Maker Faire 2013

KIDS made this.  I KID you not.

DOES: Inspires the maker in all of us while you eat the best food in the world
INVEST:  door price $35 adult -single day; $20 Youth (2-17)- single day (but if you buy in advance it is soooo much cheaper
I saw little babies there but I am assuming they didn't make anything.
TOOLS: Think Like a Scientist/Engineer, Express Yourself, I Can Take Care of Myself

I find that I hear the company name: Cognizant whenever I am attending my most favorite kid maker events.  They must be a company run by very good people who support the Young Maker's Paviliion (full of dozens of makers) every year.  Pictured above is one of the booths where folks were teaching soldering to kids. Only at Maker Faire, I'd let my kid sit next to something at 700 degrees. Holding breath a little tho...

At the booth for the American Museum of Natural History, there were 3D printers making all sorts of..... dinosaur.  There is such a high interest in 3D printers this year. Maybe more than last year.

This is how a 3D printer works - layers and layers and layers.

Dodecado Fusion!  You are the light of my dreams!  Can you imagine taking one of these Dodecahedrons and just walking away with it? That is what you are supposed to be able to do. It's supposed to last for 3-4 hours or so.  But you can keep it on the base and build your own light design. Functional art.... I love it!  They are on Kickstarter. Check them out.  I've been told that the base could be around $34 and each polygon light fixture will be around $14.   If you saw them close up would think they were worth a lot more.  This is just the prototype too.  It's so beautiful!

This wall is cool.  It's from Making Educational Pathways Research Projects

There were so many kids presenting this year!.  I was really impressed. I will try to find you their link soon.

Not sure that this is supposed to be but I loved watching it change colors. Link to be added soon.  Sorry, I was running around with my eyes and they just kept darting from one visual delight to the next.  This was in ZONE A, Viscusi Gallery.

A model of the Apple the I Lug NY booth would anyone notice if I just slid it off the table and walked away?

Life is sweet when your kid gets to try out the long awaited Twiddler right in front of the inventor, Wilfried Braun (Left in black shirt). He once told me, "I'm not a math guy" but if Twiddler is not another shining example of Marth (Math-Art) then I don't know what is. A little birdy told me that they'll be sold a MoMath.  Hurrah!!!
Visitors got a 20% coupon to buy Quadrilla and Twiddler from Quadrilla at 20% off? Do I hear Jingle Bells?  If you want the coupon, write me and I'll ask if I can share it with people who couldn't come to Maker Faire....

Will Twiddler be just as amazing as Quadrilla? Of course I bought one there. #2 didn't get the hang of it at the Faire but he did when he got home. He was soooooo proud of himself. 

I don't think this was part of Maker Faire but rather a part of one of the exhibit's at NYSCI but it was super cool.  After watching an animated simulation of a birth, the mechanical baby beneath it started moving.  That was crazy. I can't believe I went through this process! TWICE!

This ball bounces, those long strips actually bend but it's made of wood cut by lasers. How is this possible? Ask the students at the Olin College of Engineering.

RoboFun is always fun.  I love seeing them at Maker Faire every year. It wouldn't be the same without them. RoboFun, please come to my neighborhood. Please Please Please!

Have you heard of Sugru? It's the best friend you never had. You shipping tape and crazy glue and anything else that you've used and failed you will be totally jealous.

Sugru is so cool! You can hack anything! I can child-proof anything! Sugru makes supermoms!!   I need more, more, more...  Can they make a family bulk package? I would like to be free from the tyranny of baby/kid-safety products that fall off and look horrible in my home. I also want to HACK MY KIDS TOYS!!!  Here is my Amazonion link to Sugru. Today I saw prime shipping on them.  Muah!  But Faire attendees get a discount.  I spent my last dollars on this and then my son told me he was hungry.  oops.


Tester 3 came with us today and she loved playing with these blocks. You can make it change color just by connecting it differently.  It's super adorable and just got on Kickstarter this week!  Good luck Tangeez.  I want to buy you when you get on the market.  

Air Rockets and Air Gliders booth was packed!

That's my kid... always trying to figure things out... except for homework which apparently doesn't inpsire so much curiosity... oh well...

'Tis Team Pathfinder, you can't call them "kids" but they are those in-between ages 13, 14... Can you believe them? All 64 of those amazing squares were built by them.  Pictured L-R Sami McGinnis, Matthew Tung, Davis Dunaway, (missing from photo: Andrew Ke)
Making Shrinky Dinks using Frosted Paper at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry
Making your own spin bot, $20.
So many kid presenters this year! It was awesome to see.   I think AnnMarie Thomas, the inventor of Squishy Circuits actually have a lecture yesterday entitled: Kids as Makers and Makers as Kids. Can't find the link for you yet. Darn.
We all ate so much there.  This TakoYaki was dynamite! We also ate Fried Mac and Cheese Balls, Tacos, and Banh Mi. Our stomachs traveled all over the world in one day!

And we are going back for more today.  Today I will eat less and see more and make more.  In you are nearby, join me! I'll be the woman in a wrinkled pastel pink t-shirt with a iPad held by my trusty flygrip, shooting photos everywhere! Tip for today:  If you buy five tix online and all five show up between 10 and 1 pm today, you have got yourself a good deal. Take it!  

Don't forget to read more on Pt 2 of World Maker Faire coverage!

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