Monday, December 31, 2012

Hoping Shopping Will Get Easier in 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

It only took 14 months but I finally figured out a way to organize the toys I've reviewed AND create an Amazon store.  I know it is not perfect but it has been really hard to figure out how to categorize things in a neat and efficient way.

Additionally, I felt that since there are so many Amazon users, that you might find it easier to shop this way.

Two things you want to know.

1- Most of the items here have been reviewed by me.  Additionally, some have been played with by the testers and just not formally reviewed.  (Thoughtful reviews take a while, sorry).

2- If a product is there and you don't see a review for it in Toys are Tools, then just know that it is a product in my list of products that answers the question: "If I could buy any toy in the world (of Amazon), what would you buy?"

To be sure, this store will grow!!!!  I will keep looking for more cool things and I will try my best to start filling in the blanks with more comments but if you have a question about a product in my store, I will do my best to answer your question.  Drop me a note at 

toysaretools at gmail dot com   and send me a link of the product in which you are referring.

Most importantly, 

Thank you so much for shopping through my link!!!  

I am grateful to you whether you bought a Kindle or a 99 cent app.  The point is that you cared to shop through my link.  I was floored!  Thanks to you all, I was able to hold my head up this holiday season in front of my family! I have had to ignore the bit of teasing from my big brother who thinks I spend way too much time on Toys are Tools (kind of true but thoughtful reviews don't write themselves...).  But I truly believe that there are many of us out there who want more for our children (and our money), so please like this page, spread the word.   It's okay if there aren't millions of readers but as long as those who drop by find the information useful, this writer can post another review of another fabulous toy that may have missed your attention.  There is so much out there and they're so wonderful.... sometimes I just want to sit and look at them!

Hope the new year brings you and your family plenty of opportunities for play and good times. 

Please bookmark the store link and thanks for your support!

And if you choose to support your neighborhood toy store instead, just want to say... I think what you're doing is smart and wonderful

Ten thousand blessings of happiness and fortune,

Jenn Choi

p.s.  our store is already being renovated!  you'll see it being a bit different from the photo above but it will be bigger than this for sure.


  1. Happy New Year! It's great to see the site continue to grow. I wish you well for 2013

  2. This is wonderful, thank you so much!