Monday, December 24, 2012

Review: Last Minute Gift Idea: Yahtzee Flash

They are portable!  All you need is a flat surface! 

WHAT: Last minute gift idea if you live near Toys R Us
 Yahtzee Flash from Hasbro

DOES:  If you are familiar with Poker or Yamslam type of games, Yahtzee Flash can be a treat.  It's portable too.
INVEST: MSRP Set $29.99 (have seen it on sale at many places- at time of posting Amazon is selling for $8.73)
AGES: 8 and up (my five year old played with it because he learned how to play Yamslam)
TOOLS: Lose and Win Gracefully, Math is Everywhere

I like cubes and square games.  I like shuffling them around.  I think that moving those around is quite entertaining in its own way... sort of like exercise.  I feel that way with Sifteos, Q-bitz, and Qwirkle too.

Yahtzee Flash is a fun game that I bought as a impulse purchase when I went hunting around Toys R Us on Black Friday.  I went at a great time: 8 am. Since Black Friday started on Thursday his year, I think the crowds had gone home to sleep and I easily spotted Yahtzee Flash going for $10.   Given the way my family had responded to Yamslam, I felt I had to try it.  It turned out to be a lot of fun.   The only problem I had with it were that the screens are not colorful and so sometimes I had a hard time seeing them at night but during the day, I had no problem.  (This could be just my eyes and so take that with a grain of salt)  My children never complained.  

I also like that you can play this game solo.  If you are a Yahtzee fan though, I think you'll want to play with a friend.  Each game is rather short so it is easier to wait.  Just instruct your children to allow his friend to watch with him.  The fun part is the thrill of trying to get a good score and you can use your body (hands and arms and fingers) to achieve faster speed. If your child is younger, he or she might find it a little difficult how and when the cubes choose to become a number (it re-rolls if you don't "choose" for them to stay at that number). 

I also find that the fast-paced nature of this game doesn't leave much room for feeling badly if you lost.  Kids can be encouraged to reach their personal best score and have competition (other players) act almost like a cheerleader/catalyst. (You run faster if you are racing against someone.) 

I am not sure how long the batteries will last but given my experience with Simon Flash, I have a feeling they will last a long time.  As an impulse buy, I think I did okay. Yahtzee Flash actually has four games in one, however, we just like the regular Yahtzee poker the best. You can read more about Yahtzee Flash's four games here. If you can find these guys on sale, you'll likely pat yourself on the back.  It's fun to gift these games.  They are not Sifteos but as an alternative to handheld consoles or board games, it definitely sits at an happy in-between place.

Stay tuned this week, I'll be giving away some very special cubes..... Can you guess what they are?

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