Friday, December 7, 2012

Excited About:New Sifteo (and a Coupon Code)

WHAT: Sifteo
DOES: things that we haven't even imagined yet; learning component is strengthened because of the bilateral coordination and kinesthetic appeal (English: using both hands, fingers, and arms in a way never done before in gaming is exhilarating) 
INVEST: MSRP  $129.95 for initial set which include three cubes, additional is 29.95

TOOLS:   will be named during a more in depth review
AGES: 7+  (will try to use Gen 2 Sifteos with younger kids for our upcoming review)
See Coupon Code Just for TAT readers below:

I hate to make you all wait for a review on this because this is the season to be buying things and for the past couple of weeks, I have been presenting gifts to children that sort of mesh with the whole family.

Here is yet another one.  I loved the Original Sifteo and so far from what I have experienced with Gen 2 Sifteos are great!   My son likes them too and just now, my husband sat down determined to finish a game called codebreaker. (He really did finish it and he my son that he could too but I don't know about that.....  I couldn't last that long... )

If you have a question about Sifteos that you'd like me to tackle in a review, please drop me at note at 

toysaretools at gmail dot com


leave your question in the comment box below.

Oh, I spy fun here.  Can't wait to try out that game.  photo: Sifteo

Now WHERE'S that Coupon Code Jenn?????

I didn't forget. 

Here is a family and friends code from Sifteo to me to you.

for a whole 20 percent off... YEAH!  Good until the end of this year.

Code:    SifteoBFF  (hurry, the sifteo site has free shipping until 12/18- double check that please...)  Go to   UPDATE  12/20/12  that code has maxed out but there is still "BloggerSpecial" for 10percent off.  

And just cuz I like ya, I'm going to do the math for you now.
My son already asked for me for more.  "I want to do better" he told me.  Not sure what he meant by that but I think he means that he wants to accomplish more.  Cool!

Since the first system of three cubes is $129.95.   That means you would save $25.99. So you'd be paying $103.95 for 3 cubes (and system of course)

and if you were to opt for an additional cube, you would save $31.98.  (3 cubes system + 1 cube) thus $103.96 After discounts, it would be $127.92 for 4 cubes  (so it's like getting one cube free and I have to say, that one extra makes a difference, my son is already asking for more)

And apparently there is special bundle deal  (3 cubes system + 3 cubes) and for that you'd save $39.99 thus getting 6 cubes for $159.95 and remember the basic system of three cubes costs $129.95.  

Don't worry, I used a calculator so that I wouldn't screw it up but if you are making a purchase, I think it's always best to double check my work.  My husband would.

Good luck!  I am thrilled to be reviewing this game. I will try to have a more in-depth interview very soon to help you choose but if you're hooked already then take advantage of the 20 percent off while you still can. (free shipping until 12/18) Go to the Sifteo site.

Oh, you have an Amazon gift card and even Amazon Prime?  Okay, gotcha... here's my link:
Oh, and when buying, make sure you do not get the "Original" unless you prefer that.


Disclosure:  Toys are Tools has not been compensated in any way by the manufacturer of this product.  The product was given to the tester in order to facilitate a review (including this mini-announcement).  Reviews are never promised.


  1. These look very cool! Thanks for sharing the discount!

  2. These look interesting though I generally don't understand how the games work. I wonder about how much parent involvement is necessary to keep them going, ie down loading new games, charging, etc. Also how durable are they? It seems like a lot of movement is encouraged with them. Can they hold up to some rough handling?

  3. that's a very good question. Unfortunately, I am not about to go drop my Sifteos to find out. However, watching my son play with them closely, I noticed how delicately he has been tapping onto the screen. I have a feeling that what I'm noticing is what I see when kids play with well-designed toys made of good material- they instinctively treat the goods with care. My son is eight going on nine and he has figured out how to play everything on his own. Some of the games have some reading but I actually don't know if my son read any of the story. I think he got the gist and that's enough for him.

  4. It is quite a good one. I am getting more cubes... Gosh, I hope my husband doesn't hit the roof!

  5. Thanks so much for code. Was all set to order from MakerShed w/10% off but would have had to pay shipping and tax. Goggled your site and got the 6 cube bundle and 200 points w/ 20% off and free ship/ no tax. Will bookmark this site and look forward to more reviews.

  6. Sadly the code is no longer good

  7. oh so soon? thank you for telling me. I will look into it.

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