Thursday, October 10, 2013

LOCKLACES: Free Ship Coupon Code Extended!


FREE SHIPPING CODE ---- Extended!!!  see below for details...

And a special thank you to Rachel for your comment on LOCK LACES' commitment to customers! 

"My son broke the tab off the top and I contacted lock laces about how I could buy just that piece and they emailed me right back and told me that they didn't sell this piece but if I wrote back what color we had they would send it to me ---

It thought they would send just that but they sent a whole new set! They didn't even ask where I bought them."

Toys Are Tools advises you buy direct from here not just to support Toys are Tools but also because you can order your fave colors in a multi-pack (3, 5, or more) and still save money!!!  LOVE THAT!

Get a 3 pack (3 pairs total) for $19.99   OR make your own for the same price. Isn't that so nice of them?

Congrats to P.D. for your win of the three pack of fave colors!

free shipping coupon code: TOYSARETOOLS
you can use it until: 10/31/13  Last Day- Halloween-2013- Don't miss out!

Read the full review here.

And thanks to LOCK LACES for being such a cool affiliate of Toys Are Tools.  We want our readers to be given a break if things go wrong that first time.

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