Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Parenting with Playdate Planet Interviews TAT, Young Inventors, & Links!
Click this photo to listen to the Parenting With Playdate Planet's story featuring Toys Are Tools! Hooray!

The coolest thing happened.  I was interviewed by Parenting With Playdate Planet about.... what else... toys as learning tools! 

I think a lot of the readers here know something about that!  My heartfelt thanks goes out to show host, Meryl Nieman, co-owner of Playdate Planet, who took a lot of my rambling about toys as tools and turned it into a smooth compact show.  In this program, I discuss the following toys: (you may or may not see them again in my holiday toy list lineup and giveaway coming super soon!)

  •  Woodmobiel - Read my full review here (if you listened to the webcast, please accept my self-correction here: OOTS! is the American distributor - there isn't any apostrophe-it's an exclamation point!- I don't know what is wrong with me! My apologies to OOTS! I love all the toys you distribute- they're beautiful.) 

Some things to know before you go:

If you live in the Chicago area then I am super jealous of you.  The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is this coming weekend.   As you may have seen, I cover the Toy Fair every year in numerous posts and try my best to send you every picture of every cool thing I see because it's not open to the general public BUT.... the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is!!!  How wonderful would my life be if I were to go with my family and the awesome experts I consult and have us hang out all day at this fair. 

Someday I will be there.  I just know it as one day, one of my kids may very well be a contestant in the Young Inventors Challenge.  Anyone between the ages of 6-18 is invited to present their toy or game invention.  If you are just learning about this now, it's likely too late to apply for this year (sorry, that is my fault-didn't get to publish this notice to you in time!!!) but maybe you'll forgive me if you think that good inventions take time anyway so please take a look at their Young Inventor Challenge Workbook to get some guidance on entering the challenge and other useful tips about inventing. Below is a video of the Toy & Game Invention Camp hosted by MakerKids and StoryPlanet hosted in partnership with the Chicago Toy & Game Fair's Young Inventor Challenge.

Here is Meryl's interview with Mary Couzin, the brains behind the Chicago Toy and Game Fair
Parenting With Playdate Planet – What’s New in Toys and Games for the Holiday Season and 2014

Playdate Planet will also be hosting the world's largest playdate there. WAH!!! I'm so bummed I can't be there!

My New Year's Resolution 2014:
1. Lose thirty pounds
2. Dedicate more time to having playdates for my kids with the help of Playdate Planet
3. Rethink weightloss goal

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