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Toy Fair 2014- The Brain is Attached to Muscles and Nerves

SPD - OT Alert!!!! This is crazy fabulous. Teeter Popper from Fat Brain Toys.

WHAT: Toy Fair Coverage 2014- The Brain is Attached to Muscles and Nerves
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Remember stuff we learned in school? The "systems" of our bodies that are centered around major organs: Digestive, Circulatory, Skin, Respiratory, and the Nervous Musculatory System (is that a word... sorry). But for some reason, as grown-ups, we have grown accustomed to separating this system in half.  Brain games have their own category and the term "fitness" never seems to draw up an image of the brain. I think this thinking is misguided.  All of our nerves and muscles are attached to our brains. They report to the brain. They do the brain's bidding. Today, let's pretend that muscles and nerves are attached to the brain and see what toys can promote a balanced conversation amongst the parties because it's critical that they work together, right?

Focus On Brains and Hands and Arms

A million different uses...  but first you must think about how to get to kids to stop playing with it because they likely never will.  Wabafun's Kinetic Sand is cool!

The folks who make Magz will bring you these delectable magnetic fidgets- very safe!

A whole tubful?  And then you add some magic solution and it become liquidic? How long can they stay in it? It is hypoallergenic? How can I make this a calming experience in the tub or on a play table? Gelli Baff from Plasmart.

I love jacks. I also love the Korean version called Gong gi (hard g sound). My mom was a pro and I am just so-so but when I see that my kids can't do it, it kills me.  Funnybone Toys made it easy to start learning this game. I think it's brilliant and of course, the great design of the game is sure to please.  Remember, hand-eye-coordination really is "hand-eye-brain-coordination."

TENZI has a pack of cards called 77 ways to play TENZI.  This 7 and 9 year old took the new cards after I finished with the Toy Fair and just ran with it.  They felt accomplished after trying out 15 cards but still, they love the classic "TENZI!" They also have a party pack for 6 players. I recently brought them to a birthday party and they were a HUGE HIT. Parents loved it too.  Look at the bilateral coordination on these two. Both like playing piano. Surprised?

I love bowling games that do not cause major pain on the play partner or parent to set up the pins.  It's not automatic but trust me, there is a contraption to make things easier. I like how you need one hand to support the other here.  This is from IDEAL.

I wasn't expecting another one. How fun! Perplexus Warp from Patch Products
You can make the ball travel? OOOOOOHHHH.
Yes, my kids ravaged my bag as soon as I got home from the Toy Fair.  One night, I came home with Speed Stacks New Mini Stacks.  My 7 year old watched this video about thirty times started trying to copy her for the rest of the evening.  OMG. It was unbelievable. This young lady has been stacking for 10 years, since she was 6.  I'd like to thank her for inspiring Tester #2. Wow!

They really make cups this size.
It's not a slinky.  It's very cool.  You can just flatten it with your hands.  How awesome! From GeoSpace
From Dunecraft Discipline means "teaching" it doesn't mean "punishment."  As one contributes to the mending process, there is less chance of recurrance of the same mistake.  And are you wondering if the bean will literally have "I'm Sorry" scribed on it? Well, of course! But I will test this for y'all first.

Oh, these are so cute. From Dunecraft
What a fantastic idea. From Dunecraft
MUST. TRY. THIS.  ARGH!!!!!!!!  I saw this at the Toy Fair and pretended to be cool about it. But seriously, this looks outrageous, doesn't it? Why do I get the feeling that it is not hard to do. From GeoSpace
Once my son had a pogo playdate.  It's really odd how they can just keep doing it forever. From GeoSpace

I like the quality on this.  I hope I get to test it.  Thank you to Meryl Neiman of Playdate Planet for testing this one.  She didn't know that I'd ask her to catch it but seriously, the rocket is designed to be catchable. I think this one is awesome. From POOF Slinky

Smanials. Smelly animals. Chipmunk in Mint Chocolate. From Scentco.
Olfactory Sensations!From Scentco.

New Smarkers are Smarmy! From Scentco.

There has to be studies that say body fitness leads to better grades in school?  Seriously, there has got to be? Right?  Did I ever tell you that when I worked in a hospital, the most fit doctors were the surgeons?  Seriously, they were really fit. From the folks at Spooner

Gonge is from Denmark (You know, where LEGOs come from) Sigh... Why do the Danish make such amazing things. This is one of those body skateboards. How pretty is this? Wow!
Americans can access these via American Educational Products.

I want you so badly.  Wah!  Another Gonge great.
Because of pictures like this, I have a job. We need to be able to see the texture before we buy and let's face it, these are not at our neighborhood Walmart or Target. Our kids will be barefoot on these things. But if you saw this texture up close, you would have more information to help you consider if this product is a good fit for you. Alas, this feature is likely something that is hard for online retailers to do. The only time I can zoom in products up close like this is at big clothing companies like the Gap.  Still, we want to know what we'll be feeling before it arrives at our doorstep. All I can say is that I wish these Riverstones and Hilltops were all over my home.  I think there would be more thoughtfulness and less running.

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