Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Amazing Ken Robinson TED Talk

I have a million wonderful things to say about Ken Robinson.  I have no idea what led me to watch one of his TED talks at 2 AM.  I don't think I even knew what a TED talk was.

Well, now I know and if you don't then there is no better introduction to the power of  a TED Talk than listening to Ken Robinson give a TED Talk.   You could say that part of this website was inspired by that talk that I saw at 2 AM.  I was so inspired, that was was turning out to be a sleepless night of anxiety was transformed into a sleepless night of hope.

Enjoy.   I would love to hear your thoughts!!!!!  He is THE BEST!!!

A special thank you to B. for letting me know about this.  I share your dream! I would pay money to see such an event!

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