Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Extreme Motherly Stunts

A bit extreme? Yeah, I know but hear me out!

WHAT:  How to Keep Kids Playing with the Good Stuff? 
DOES: makes them invest in their toys, gives ownership, slows all of us down... in a good way
INVEST:  You pay for the toy.
AGES: 4+? Have to ask an expert.
TOOLS: Fertilize Responsibility and Courtesy, I Can Take Care of Myself, Family Fix-its

Look what is on the horizon at Toys are Tools!   That is right, we will be looking at the new Q-BA-Maze Stunt Sets. Hope you remember our review of the Q-BA-Maze Big Box that Number 6 had tested for us.  But first, I am also going to try an experiment.

I call it "Visual and Tactile Motivation."  I will be studying how much book reading I am going to get out of this.  Or maybe I will see how many days I will get of them picking their laundry off the floor.

They are allowed to see the box, feel the box, and even shake the box but they are not allowed to open it until they "earn it."   If they open it, I have other testers who would be willing to help out with the testing and keeping the toy part of this product review.

Aren't I the evil mother? Maybe  a little.  I am open to your criticism.

But sometimes, I have to say what I have to say.  Kids need the visual reminders.  Kids need to see what they're working for smack in the middle of the living room.  They are kids. They forget.  Tying it up is only for kids who are impulsive and crafty.  I used a telephone wire that has absolutely no value to me so that if I cut it, I won't care.  Does my nine-year-old know that?  Gosh, I hope not.   But if he tries to untie it, I will secretly admire him for getting that done but chances are that he will give up because untying it will take time and time to reflect always wins over impulsivity.

Believe me, I am going to make sure that they are successful.  It's good to decide on a goal (together) that they can realistically accomplish.  That is key.

I love this picture.  He worked so hard that day!

Do you ever have your kids earn toys?  Is it only for the video games?  Or do they earn any toy at all?  Would love to know your family strategies...

Links if you can't wait for the review and need to buy now.  These are my Amazon links which means I will get a small commission at no cost to you but I always encourage you to shop around.  Mindware.com will of course sell them too!  Request their catalog and sign yourself up for emails to find out the latest news and deals.  I love their catalog!  See my story about catalog shopping with children.  It's the best!

This is the 2.0 Mega Stunt Set that includes everything offered in the Bounce Stunt Set and the Zoom Stunt Set but the total # of marbles is 30 in the package.  MSRP is $79.95  Additionally, it has 108 cubes.

This is the Bounce Stunt Set and it includes the 2 Cascade Stilts, Pivot Trampoline, a universal connector, and 10 marbles  MSRP is $16.95

This is the Zoom Stunt Set which includes 2 Coastal Tubes, 1 Marble Vortex, a universal connector,  and 10 marbles. MSRP $16.95

Below is the box that Left coaster Number 6 tested for us.  Now all of the tester families have one.  We couldn't help ourselves!  All the parents caved and got one for their kids.   The Big Box has 72 cubes and 20 marbles. MSRP $39.95

If you want a treasure chest of building plans, check out:  http://www.q-ba-maze.com 

Disclosure:  Toys are Tools was not compensated by the manufacturer for the publication of this post  The Stunt Set was provided to Toys are Tools to facilitate a review.  Reviews are never promised. The set in the photo below was purchased by me.

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