Friday, May 17, 2013

Gigantic Review Coming... What Do You Want to Know?

Number 1 and 2 will see this when they come home.  They will faint.  Unlike my recent extreme motherly stunt, I think this it's too cruel to wrap this up in wire and make them earn it.  But they don't know that they will be working so hard with this.  They'll be getting as much as they put in and more!

WHAT:  Woodmobiel brought to you by OOTS!
DOES: It looks like you can do soooooo much with this and you can expect a very thorough review.  It will take some time to review this. I do want to be responsible but in case you are shopping for ideas for a summer project... I think this looks really awesome and so I wanted to tell you about it now.  COULD this be your summer camp alternative?  hmmmmmm
INVEST: Starter Kit is $165; Standard Kit is $300
WHAT NOW??: I need your advice. If you think your child (and you too secretly) would like this very unique and fabulous toy, what would you want to know about it to help you make a decision about buying or not buying it?

Here are some photos that might help you think of questions.   You can also visit the Woodmobiel site to see additional photos to learn more about the product.

This feels so incredible.

Real pictures as directions with a sequence.  Interesting.

SOOOOOO, I need your help.  I want to do a very good job for you.  Can you look at these photos and maybe even the website and let me know what you would like to know?  This is the kind of investment that I like to encourage in families. It's not just a toy.  This is a class in a box and your child is the teacher and student in one.  I think this can do many things.  But for this to be a review worth reading, it has to be about what you want to know...

I know you're busy but I hope you can pitch in some questions.  Our team here will do our best to investigate.

Want to buy on Amazon right now? Use my link to support Toys are Tools.

Disclosure: Toys are Tools was not compensated in ANY way by the manufacturer for the publication of this post.  The review unit has been sent to testers to facilitate a review.  Reviews are never promised.

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