Thursday, December 26, 2013

GOT LEGO Gift Card?

#2 made out big this year with LEGO, #1 is trying to hold it in but he will soon burst which is why I am writing this post really fast because I have to do some S.O.S. shopping.

WHAT: What to Do with a LEGO Gift Card

Did your child receive a LEGO gift card and by any chance is he/she suddenly overwhelmed with what to do?  I have a couple of tips.

#2   Use this opportunity to teach your child to be strategic. (like an EXECUTIVE!). 

NOTE: This is not a review just because I know they are looking to spend those gift cards asap but I will be reviewing some of these items as I will be heading to the LEGO store as soon as I am done writing this post!  

Remember, if you are shopping online.  Clicking onto these links and shopping from there will bring smiles to Toys are Tools and help ensure more thoughtful toy reviews for 2014! 

Check out the sale for the wall stickers at $1.48 only!  crazy!

GOT a $100 gift card to  LEGO?
Can you consider waiting to spend it to make 2.5 more of these gift cards to get your child an EV3 (if he's old enough).   I am saving too.  I have a whole $0 dollars in the pot for this but still, it's a goal. 

CREATOR -I love the Creator Series-obviously because it gives instructions to build more than one thing so keep those extra pieces and instructions in a separate baggie.  Some people actually sell just the instructions. 

Forest Animals $19.99

I really love Creator this year because of this monkey.  I am so excited to see what other animals will be available.  This is the first time that I've seen Creator go from one animal to another animal.  I love that.  Not everything has to be a boat or a plane and this gives more options to parents who want to buy their kids things that are truly don't point to a gender.

Emerald Express $4.99
Seriously, it's just $5!  I will get three to make different models or three of the same.  

Twinblade Adventures $17.99
These little yellow tips at the end of each blade.  I love it!

Family House $69.99
Oh, #2 wants this one so badly.  If you want it, do not wait.  I gather they'll retire this one soon just like all the other Creator houses.

Horizon Express  This can be purchased with the electronic pieces or you can try to do it yourself!
All trains are great investments. They become retired and then you are out in the cold if your child wants it.  Here is one nice story that will probably never happen to any of us but still, it's nice to know that letters might get answered and that things indeed do get retired and then it is valued at twice or three times the price. 

Winter Village Market  $99.99   I love this more than my kids do!  It's an excellent pretend play set and so gender neutral. 

Treehouse (just received this yesterday)
#2 is building this as I write.  I love treehouse toys. There aren't enough of them.  I hope my kids learn how to build bigger treehouses after this one is built.  They are starting to attempt it these days but it usually just becomes a house on stilts... which is kind of cool too. 


The DeLorean time machine $34.99
I love the whole concept of LEGO Cuusoo, as the community at large gets a say in which projects come out next.  Last year it was Minecraft and now it is this car from the Back to the Future movie.  Now, I know parents want this one more than the kids.


Basic Bricks Deluxe  (Builders of Tomorrow) $29.99
I have seen this sell for way more than this price on Amazon and Toys R Us.  Please be aware. It is only $29.99 and the box just has bricks and bricks only. 

X-Large Gray Baseplate  $14.99
One of the best things I got for my kids this year was this plate.  It adds ownership and stability to a child's play.


LEGO® Power Functions Motor Set  $29.99
This is something that I find is rare at this price but it should be purchased at no more than this price!  There are no remote control receiver or anything like that but if you got a machine like project on your hands, this might do it for you!  I think it's great.  You should be able to add this on to various TECHNIC sets.  Cool, huh?

I think these are on sale right now... while supplies last or until they change their minds... who knows?

Classic Wall Stickers  Reusable Wall Stickers are at an awesome sale price right now. $1.48!!!!

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