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Last Minute Shopping Ideas: FOR YOU!

This could be me? Maybe? yes? no?

WHAT: Last Minute Shopping Ideas for YOU
WHY: Because if you don't get it now, you'll never get it
HOW: Anyway you can, except for stealing

I love these socks by Injinji! They wick up moisture like  I'm wearing Kleenex in between my toes. They are perfect for people like me whose socks are their "work shoes."  I think they are used for athletes too but I wouldn't know anything about that......

Okay, here's the thing:

We must must must get something for ourselves this holiday season. I truly believe this. If you are not going to do it for yourself then you should still get something for yourself because this is actually a good thing for your children and their future spouse.  Do it for your marriage (if you are in one and if you are not, do it anyway, because the results can last a long time).

If you are a regular reader of this blog then I dare say your child is a lucky child indeed.  You obviously care about what is good for your child but you stay a bit longer because here you also find out why it's good for your child.

lux·u·ry:    something that is helpful or welcome and that is not usually or always available

 co-lab by Christopher Kon Women's Josephine Hobo Bag was $88 now $45, Teal, at MYHABIT always free shipping. Most items ordered by 12/23 2PM will be shipped for free by Xmas eve!
Fleece-lined Hand Warmers Was $44 now $19 at MYHABIT always free shipping. Most items ordered by 12/23 2PM will be shipped for free by Xmas eve!  I like this because it's very visible and it's something that you can really show enjoyment of. 

HOWEVER, you can give your kid a million wonderful toys that will spark many upward movements in development but I think it is important to consider what your role in the family is during this time of the year. This past week was a fantastic week for me.  I got some work published in an awesome publication and my thoughts on toys were featured in a publication in the UK.  So what should happen to me?

I got sick.  I'm still sick as I'm typing this but I want to tell you that despite my efforts to be good to my family, sometimes my family forgets to be good to me.  I could be sitting there coughing my lungs away and my son will still interrupt my coughing to tell me that I promised to do something for him.  No one is asking me if I need anything. I still did the laundry, folded it, and put it away.  I may feel good that I'm needed and that I've cleaned up the mess but I think I've missed an important teachable moment with them.  That is, I didn't take a break.

Was $99 Now $45
Kenneth Cole- Zip It To Me at MYHABIT  always free shipping. Most items ordered by 12/23 2PM will be shipped for free by Xmas eve!

Could it be a sensory pleaser?  I bet it could!  They remind me of Armeeze!

Was $52 Now $25
Portolano Women's 15" Fingerless Gloves Cammello at MYHABIT always free shipping. Most items ordered by 12/23 2PM will be shipped for free by Xmas eve!

Don't get me wrong.  I'm taking it now. I am online looking around and poking into sections that I haven't clicked onto in a long long time.  I feel like I went to a foreign country when I start looking at designer handbags.  But nevertheless, I think it is important to treat yourself and make a public display of it in front of spouse and children.  And please do not buy yourself something that is an extension of your "duties" like a new toaster oven or vacuum cleaner (unless you find great pleasure in that).  Please buy yourself a luxury item that may or may not be completely frivolous.  Bags are always nice as they are something to be used but then also something that makes you feel fantastic.  I found handwarmers that look really cool.

This is $64 on Amazon right now.  I have always wanted this!!! Gaiam

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black)
Was $175  Now $59
 London Fog Women's Tate Tote Bag  at MYHABIT always free shipping. Most items ordered by 12/23 2PM will be shipped for free by Xmas eve!

HUNTER Classic Tall Original Rain Boots  Was $135 Now $95 at MYHABIT 

It could be a new computer or it could be a new lipliner but whatever it is, make it noticeable, show all of them, show everyone how happy it makes you so that the people whom you care for get to see you enjoy something again. You will also be a model to the children of what healthy enjoyement and appreciation look like. (because my kids can go overboard) I bet you they don't see that so often especially if your child requires a lot of attention from you..

I saw this at the Toy Fair... it's so awesome. $125 free shipping at Amazon. Kore Stool Wobble Chair, tighten those core trunk muscles, exercise while you work! 

Striving for excellence at work and as a parent will always pay off but if you don't take care of your own needs to just do simple things like laugh and enjoy something (for the sake of enjoyment) then I worry what kind of message am I sending my children.  Am I telling them that is okay to neglect yourself? Am I telling them that it's okay for the wife in the family to overwork herself? I guess I am.  And so that is why I am laying down, typing away, doing nothing and helping no one. But I'm also on a mission to buy myself something cool!  There's some free one-day shipping treats available and if you are a primate, you have just two days left, not even.  So join me in getting yourself a little somethin' somethin' and you'll be surprised what a great lesson you'll be teaching your kids.


Lanvin Calfskin Happy Plenty Bag, Rouge  Was $2,730 and NOW.....

only...... $2,049  Wow, what a bargain! However, I can only buy it if it came with a $2,000 Cash Back Bonus.

She who cares for herself will be cared for by others... -Jenn Choi 12/21/13

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Can you guess what I bought for myself?  I just pulled the trigger on one of these guys.  Hint, It was NOT the $2,000 bag.

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