Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BIG SALE ON WOODMOBIEL- Crazy Coupon Code for YOU!

WHAT: DEAL ALERT: Woodmobiel
HOW MUCH: A whole 25% off!!!!  That is a $75 savings if you get a Standard Kit (recommended)
AND: I'm not an affiliate... I'm just telling ya so you can save big bucks!

why buy a balance beam when you can make one?

why buy this when you can make it and then take it down during the winter?

go kart kits costs around $100 but go kart kits only make go karts.

we have purchased and either broken or given away our toy tents.  But when you are done with your tent, you can keep it to make something else. 

And the coupon code is.......................


Even more good news...

Shipping is only $5.99 for all orders.  The coupon is site wide, you might find something else you like as well!

Psst.... not everyone knows of this coupon but TAT is a friend to good toys and games... and that means the readers here are included in our special circle of fun!

For more inspiration, read my full review

Take the plunge.  You will see what I mean about saving money!  This month, I saved by NOT buying a Christmas tree and NOT buying an easel (that even folds flat!)

and our tree is made of real wood but still... it's reusable!  I only spent $10 to decorate.. the rest are just our toys from home!
4 pieces and we have an easel.

So you get my drift....  you're gonna save money with the coupon and with your toy purchases in the coming years AND most importantly, you will be helping them to challenge themselves!!!

go ahead, you will make this holiday the one they'll never forget.

Disclosure: Toys are Tools is NOT an affiliate of OOTS! or Woodmobiel! Toys are Tools was not compensated by the manufacturer for the publication of this post although maybe I should have asked for it... ahhh, next time...   The reviewed items were provided to Toys are Tools and the expert to facilitate a review.  Reviews are never promised.  

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