Sunday, December 1, 2013

Magformers: When They're Like $1 Per Piece... Don't Think.. Act

WHAT: A Sale Worth Blogging About...  Magformers Up to 50% Off

Use this link to access the latest deals in Magformers.  Keep checking back as this page kinda grows.   I love it!

Super Saving -best deals so far

Magformers Smart Set- Found these guys at $149.99.  That's a crazy good deal.  Not only are you getting them at $1 a piece but you are also getting pieces that pretty much NEVER come in the same set.  If your child is only 6 and you don't want to overwhelm, I suggest you buy it, give him only 1/3 of the set and keep adding as he/she gets older. 

Honestly, I am doing everything in my power not to push the button on this one. 

UPDATE: 12/6/13

I guess my power just ain't strong enough.  I caved.  But I was so surprised!  This box is HUGE!

HUGE BOX! OMG!  Somebody will go mad on Xmas day.

Green Purple Set- 34 pieces (triangles and squares)  
found these guys at $25.00.  That's a crazy good deal.  At that price, I would even try buying three.  I don't really care to have tons of different colored pieces anyway.  You can see the structure better with just one or two colors.

I think any building-savvy 6 or 7 year old is going to need two of these boxes. 

Sets I own
2 Sets of 30 (triangles and squares) (also on sale for $37)
1 Lighted Set- this is also on sale right now at $64.99 (note: I'm pretty sure that there are only 51 pieces and not 55 as it says on the box.  Most recent edition contains pyramids which I don't have but the best parts are the isoceles triangles and the LED light.

I think this is the Big Kahuna.  Thank goodness I didn't see this until I bought my set of 144.  Oh yeah, I did that... on 12/3/13    Hope my husband doesn't leave me.

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