Monday, February 13, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 - Curious About: Distraction

6,8,3 What month was it two months ago? December. Okay say the numbers again. 6,9,3

WHAT: Distractions by Think Fun
WHEN: now, yes, now!
DOES: Works on working memory (they are good at this) while throwing in some fun distractions along the way.
INVEST: $11.99
TOOLS: Tools will be identified after we do a review.

You don't have to have A.D.H.D. to be plagued by the distractions of today.  Everywhere we go we are hounded by distractions and no one feels productive anymore.   There are memory training games but not all of them are fun.

Distraction certainly appears to fun as in funny- it will make you laugh.  That is good news because with memory games, even if they are games, can make you feel bad if you don't do well.  Could this game be proof that when you're laughing, you're learning?  

Your Voice Matters More Than Ever! 
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  1. My daughter has not been much interested in memory games. I'm guessing one that made her laugh would hold her attention.