Monday, February 13, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 - Curious About: Rockboard's RBX

Coming to you in Spring 2012
WHAT: Rockboard's RBX
WHEN: Spring 2012
DOES: Propel yourself on a scooter in a totally new way
INVEST: $110
TOOLS: Tools can be identified should we do a review.

Its little cousin, the Rockboard Scooter Mini just won TOTY's Outdoor Toy of the Year Award.  That is no small feat.

Like the Rockboard Scooter Mini, the RBX features advanced "Rockboard Propulsion Technology" I am not sure what such technology entails but you are basically powering it by going up and down.  So simple.  Who doesn't love simple.

Ooh, it holds up to 220 lbs. so that means that I can ride it!  Who knows, if that propulsion technology could allow me to be faster, then maybe I could FINALLY LET MY KIDS SCOOT AS FAST AS THEY WANT TO because if they are not within my view for more 60 seconds, I start shouting their names and slowly go into a panic. (Seriously, I was looking for an electric scooter at one point)   Still, I'm sure if I had an RBX, they would probably steal it from me (it's for 8+ years) and once again leave me in the dust.

Aaah..... Spring is just around the corner.   This is a good time to make sure your kids' helmets still fit.  You never want to find this out right as they are about to dart away from you and run off with their friends. I say this only because it happened to me, of course it did.

Photo courtesy of Rockboard.  My own pictures didn't come out so great.  Toy Fair is just so unbelievably enormous.  I wouldn't be surprised if there were extra vibrations messing up my shots from all the people shuffling around everywhere.

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  1. Very cool - a little pricey but around the average price for a scooter.