Monday, February 13, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 - Curious About: Gyro Wheel

There is a battery but the power comes mostly from you!

TOY FAIR 2012 Coverage
WHAT: Gyro Wheel by Leading Edge Novelty
WHEN: NOW! Yeah!
DOES: instant gratification for having your eyes, wrist, and arms cooperate with each other; practice brings even more thrills
INVEST: $9.99  (found it on Amazon here)
TOOLS:  Tools should be named if we do a review

Kids who like Beyblade and Ninjago will likely love the Gyro Wheel.  Definitely interested in looking deeper into this toy.  I wish I made this video longer, the creator can do some neat things but I was so exhausted by then, I was barely making any sense.  Still, I am so totally into spinning toys this year.  Ninjago and Beyblade has created a new dimension of play for Number 1.

Think about the mastery appeal of this toy.  You can read about "Industry vs. Inferiority" theory and how it applies to schoolkids here.

Also check out Whirly Wheel.  Super cute. Looked very durable.

Can't wait to review this one!

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