Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 - Curious About: Perplexus Twist

And it's not just for show, there is a ball in there and everything! Alas, I couldn't solve this one either.  Sigh.... 
TOY FAIR 2012 Preview: 
WHAT: Perplexus Twist (not pictured) but read below
WHEN: June-July 2012
DOES: it does share some traits with the Perplexus but the added twist is literally a twist function; there are 30 transition points; this is not one continuous track like the Original
TOOLS: please read the previous review on the Perplexus Original.  More TOOL ideas will come should we do a review.

The Perplexus Twist is real and it is coming!  I saw it at the Toy Fair!  And.... I met the inventor, Michael McGinnis.  He was there signing Perplexus games for fans.  I was in such amazement, I forgot to ask to snap a photo of him.

You can't help but freeze a little when you come near an inventor.  I remember my old publicist days when the journalist would just order me around but the inventor/medical genius would only see these reporters on their very best behavior.  I don't think I order anyone around but I'm a little guilty of behavior metamorphosis around big brains. But hey, I'm not all that bad... I did get to snap a photo of this giant Perplexus Original.  I showed these photos to my family today and told them that I met Michael McGinnis and I was a rock star.

But you really want to see the Perplexus Twist, don't you?  They were not allowing photos at the time I visited the booth but..... I was offered a catalog and so I can affirm that the photo in the catalog that I was given looks the same as the one pictured in this article regarding the Perplexus Twist debuting at the Canadian Toy Fair earlier this year.   Though the inventor is from California, Plasmart, the company that sells Perplexus (and also sells Plasmacar) is located in Canada so I suppose it is quite fitting that the Perplexus Twist debuts there.  Here also is a Toydirectory.com video of the President of Plasmart showing a Perplexus Twist at the Toy Fair.

Read the journey of how the Perplexus came to be a part of so many lives today.  As a mom of a super visual-spatial kid whose favorite question is "What if I _____?" I can't help but hype up the story of Perplexus.  When you tell kids that the idea was born from the mind of a young person, you can see their eyes instantly grow with excitement.  However, if you did read the history, you'll see that this story is also about being an entrepreneur and making good judgments.  That is an important lesson to teach to kids: you must have something that serves others.*  Once you tell them that the road to market was as long and winding as tracks in the Perplexus, you can see that even the youngest kids can appreciate how UNcool it would be if something so awesome never got to have its moment in the sun.

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*Who said these wise words? Oprah.

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