Thursday, February 23, 2012

Updated!!!! Toy Fair 2012: Curious About: HQ Kites and Designs USA

Update on this post as of 2/23/12

I had a chance to see an awesome video of just what kites can do.  Yes, there are grown-ups in this video but I think it is cool to show kids that they might be able to ride a kite.  Not just fly it--- RIDE IT!   It's really cool.   One of the things that has been covered here is that it is really important for parents to find toys for kids that the parents like.  Because we need the novelty and we need to have fun too.  Having fun as a family is key!   Take a look at this video:

Also, check out this link for more pictures and you'll see how exciting the kites really look.  All I know is that I need a new camera!

WHO: Kites and Designs USA
TOOLS: Tools will be discussed if we do a review.

Just look at these pictures.  Are kites educational?  Think: Benjamin Franklin

Are they fun? Would Benjamin Franklin have ever done anything boring?  

I have been interested in kites for a while now.  It's not easy to find good ones.  I wish you could have been at the fair with me to feel these.  Even the DIY kites on bottom look like plain paper but they are NOT.

I think I was told that this was only $7 retail.  I can't believe it fits in this little pouch. 

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  1. This looks great! A kite that my kids can fly in and ride is something I will be looking forward to. They have always loved to fly kites and I'm sure this will be something they will like

  2. In the last photo, it looks like kids made their own kites (or colored them). Do you happen to have any info on those as we plan to do "make your own kites" for my son's birthday party this summer and the ones I've found have terrible reviews. Thanks!