Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 - Curious About: Educational Insights

Math Slam is new for 2012
TOY FAIR 2012 Coverage:
WHO: Educational Insights
WHAT: a whole bunch of games and toys
DOES: I think they are all available now.
TOOLS: none of these items have been reviewed yet but they certainly look like they can be tools

This game is for two players.  I love the design.

Bringing up highly effective children? I am all ears.

Number 1 is learning about plants now.  These things always look cool.

I think you have to be speedy to win.  I dig the spatulas.

Your Voice Matters More Than Ever! 
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  1. I would definitely like to learn more about all these products! (Okay, maybe not so much the BBQ Blitz.)