Sunday, February 17, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Curious About Be Amazing

Insta-Snow is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cool!  I love it.  The texture is awesome!

WHAT: Be Amazing
Curious About: Epic Bubbles, Big Bag of Science, Insta-Snow and some much more stuff that will make a mess (but I'd happily clean up)

Science will bring kids outdoors.  How else will they get to blow stuff up?  I surely will not be cleaning up diet coke off MY kitchen floor.

It's Science Fair season and if you're in a jam, there's a chock-full-o-projects in here. 

Boy did I luck out!  Steve Spangler demonstrated the Epic Bubbles kit for me!  Dry ice not included. Should be out later this year!  Can't wait!

Sorry So Sloppy Note: To bring you as many images as possible, I've decided to skip writing estimated availability dates and prices.  I'd feel awful if I made a mistake.  Feel free to leave a question in the comments box and I'll try my best to get it answered.  Also, look through the company website as well since some products are already available.  Sorry So Sloppy. Hope you understand! 

Want it now on Amazon?  At the time of publication, I found some to be on Amazon.  This is not the full product line.  Just a couple of links:

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  1. We just started home made volcano projects and I'd love something that includes multiple projects in one kit. Please review it when it comes to market....